The Mystical Merchandisers

“Within these premises, the only thing one can be is an impeccable mediator. One is not the player in this cosmic match of chess, one is simply a pawn on the chessboard. What decides everything is a conscious impersonal energy that sorcerers call intent or the Spirit.”
Carlos Castaneda

Realize that nothing is personal-the universe is acting through you.

Deepak Chopra

The Mystical Merchandisers of quick spirituality are getting on my nerves.  (Not really, but it seemed  like a good opening sentence).  But it can be truly annoying if you attach to the situation.  And, all right, sometimes I do.

Take for example, the marketplace mania over The Law of Attraction and the practice of Positive Thinking. The focus is on hope for the future as though we don’t have what we need right now.  And we do. But neither practice seems to encourage the practice of self-inquiry in the Now.  All we need right this present moment is already within us.  If we keep looking beyond the power of the present, then we are missing our daily lessons.

Like attracts like. Higher vibration qualities of love, compassion, gratitude, act like a magnet pulling similar vibrations toward them. That’s why we need to be the person we want to attract…….because we attract the level of consciousness that we are presently.    For example, if we are in the habit of taking care of people’s feelings we will attract someone who needs their feelings protected.  If we honor doing our own healing work through self-inquiry, then we will attract someone who holds self-responsibility as a value.

Many products are being advertised today which guarantee that they will bring us peace and happiness and success and soulmates and cars and money and whatever.  ‘Our lives will be changed’ if we just take this workshop or this course or whatever.  And when we don’t do it just right and get what we ‘intended’ then we get frustrated and lose hope that we are capable of manifesting.  Maybe another teacher or product or mantra will help us get what we so desperately want.

But who is the one who is wanting?  If we remember that most probably it is our ego- personality- self that is wanting these things, then our ego is talking to itself in terms of lower vibrations.  It was Einstein who said something like you ‘can’t solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it.’ More

You are the Diamond!

IL_LowRez_8.5x11_72dpi“You wander from room to room

Hunting for the diamond necklace

That is already around your neck!”

— Jalal-Uddin Rumi

Aren’t we funny creatures?  Sometimes we think some teacher has the answer for us, some new material thing will make us finally happy, some relationship or job will make it all ok, or whatever…….and all the time it was US that we were looking for……….our inner Essence is what makes our hearts smile.  And it doesn’t matter how many heartbeats it takes to get us there…….all that matters is that we slow down, become quiet and connect with our deepest Self.  Doesn’t cost a cent, no travel time, no luggage to pack, no clubs to join……it is always within us…..just waiting for us to awaken.  How very cool!  Have a dazzling week, you beautiful diamonds.  Andrea

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ty comes from trust.

Trust your instincts.

And never hope more than you work.”

Rita Mae Brown

I needed to work with this quote.  I have been stuck…like big stuck….writing my next book on soul relationships…….have a multitude of approaches that are all good but I just keep messing around with maybes…….instead of committing and getting a move on…..instead of moving forward with one and learning from that, I seem to be waiting for the ‘aha’ moment…….definitely hoping more than I am working!!  There are no mistakes or wasted time, I know that intellectually…….now I have to take action and write everyday no matter what. I have to get quiet and listen to my inner process and let the creativity flow.   Of what is there to be afraid?  Nothing.  My procrastination just encourages me to feel worse as time goes by.

What do you wish you were moving forward with in your life?  What is stopping you?  What is the fear?  Is it true and worth it?  How would it feel to just commit yourself and take that first step forward?  Who would you be without that fear?  How would you feel?  (yes, me, too!)  Let’s go…Andrea

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The World is Our Reflection

av-_62“First, realize that your world is only a reflection of yourself


then, stop finding fault with the reflection.”


What a great concept!!  The world I experience is just a reflection of what I believe about myself. Are you experiencing any judgment of yourself today?  If not, give yourself a high five!  If you are in any degree, then join the rest of us. And because we are human there is a tendency to judge and to punish ourselves for the slightest infraction. And no one can do it better than we can. So, let’s do what Nisargadatta says……..STOP.

Sometimes we think if we don’t find fault with ourselves, then we will never change….we will just do the same old things again and again. Do we really want to keep finding fault with ourselves in order to change? That is painful and doesn’t make sense. If we stop faulting ourselves and begin to accept those parts of ourselves we judge and to forgive ourselves completely, then we will create beautiful transformations of ourselves based in love. And then we stop judging others as well and love everything as it is……while working to make changes from an open heart. If we want our world to shine more brightly in love, it starts with ourselves.  Let’s begin in this present moment!  Andrea

Copyright 2009 Andrea Avari Stevens, Ph.D.

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Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: When the Soul is in the Driver’s Seat

In these days of uncertainty and rapid change, it can feel like we are on a wild ride.  If you remember the Disneyland ride of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride from your childhood, it brings a smile as you warmly reflect on all the high-pitched screams in the darkness as the 1990s motorcar crashed through a wall into the library where MacBadger  is on a ladder with books teetering over your head while you crashed through the fireplace with ashes and sparks of fire flying all around.  (For those who want to remember the good old times, the rest of the ride is described in Wikipedia.)

As a child, I loved this ride.  As soon as I got off the motorcar, I ran to the back of the waiting line.  The ride scared me and I loved it.  It was a way for all of us to test how we could integrate into our developing minds scary events that we knew existed in our world.   Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride was a safe way to learn about handling fear as a child.

Riding in Mr. Toad’s car was beneficial because we  slowly learned that none of it could hurt us.  Somehow the books never hit us, the fire was harmless, the train with its bright light zeroing in on us never hit us. Then we could just scream for the pure pleasure of screaming.  We knew we were safe.

The ride also has teachings for us as an adult moving through this world as it is now.  If our ego….that energetic place of resistance within us to the realization of who we truly are………is driving our car then we are going to fuse with the emotions of anger, fear, and a need to control the external world and the our inner world.  That is all the ego knows.  It’s job is to protect us and it is endlessly trying to accomplish that feat.  To do so, we tend to fall into our stories and languish there. More

When Like Attracts Like: being your own e-harmony

Would you want to date yourself?  Are ‘you’ the One?  Or are you still out there looking for someone else to make your life whole?  These questions are important because your mindset determines what you will attract.     Like attracts like; wounded attracts wounded; whole attracts whole.

Relationships can light up our lives like the blinding rays of the sun.  And relationships can also be the bane of our existence.   It is a choice we make.  We all want to feel connected and accepted for who we are.  We can feel that connection with another when we have it first with ourselves.  We have to do our soul work in learning to love ourselves.  The problem is that we keep looking outside ourselves for that connection first.  We want a ‘perfect’ match, resonating chemistry, energetic harmony with another.  We powder, work out, diet, comb our hair and practice our smiles so that when a likely victim approaches we are ready to cast the bait. More

On the Wings of a Butterfly

It has been said that the movement of a butterfly’s wings in one part of the world can contribute to the formation of a hurricane in another part of the world. How can this be? How can what I do where I live affect thousands of others in another part of the planet?

If this is so, then my responsibility for my actions increases exponentially. It means what I do an as an individual affects others whether I realize it or not. What if I wake up one day and understand that I do have a connection to all my sisters and brothers on this planet, that we are all One. That what I choose to think and the actions I take affect not only me and those around me, but the world….people and places with faces I have never seen.

If this possibility exists, then I need to choose my thoughts and actions carefully. I am sending gifts to unknown recipients. I want those gifts to be a source of help to all. I want the beating of my butterfly wings to bring thoughts of love, not fear, laughter not frowns, acceptance not intolerance, connection not division. More

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