Afraid of Fire

“None can teach you, none can make you spiritual.   There is no other teacher but your own soul.” Swami Vivekananda

The power of uncertainty is flowing through and around us.  Some days we breathe deeply, relax and float with it; other times we stiffen up, grab onto whatever is close with a tight fist, and rigidly watch through squinty eyes as life passes us by.  It is our choice.  Sometimes we forget we have a choice and become victims of the happenings of our lives.  We lose our center and then fall in the mud.

We get so tied up in not trusting the process of life.  Within wholeness is the duality of dark and light.   In our core, we are light.  Being human invites us to both celebrate the light and to integrate the dark.  Well, the first part is great, the second not so much, we say to ourselves.  We are afraid of the fire of transformation.

Watching American Idol, yes, that is true!  I am reminded of Crystal Bowersox……MamaSox.  Here she comes from a small town to millions of people watching her every move and listening and judging her every note. She dresses and wears her hair as she likes, speaks thoughtfully as she transitions into a new lifestyle…..expressing the uniqueness of her Being.   Her boyfriend and she decide to not continue their relationship and he goes home on the day of the  final performance!    Her response?  It gives her ‘fire in her belly.”  And if you saw her perform that night…….she was not afraid of the fire……she faced it, made it her own and sang beautifully.

From 12 Step programs we hear the statement……there are no victims,  just volunteers.   Our soul brings us experiences for us to integrate.  They are gifts in their teachings to us.  As we move through the darkness, the clouds lift and the light shines from our hearts.  It’s not easy because we are human and full of emotions; it does not have to be difficult and scary.  We are always surrounded in love; we are never alone.  We are guided on our path to integration.  We pray, meditate, contemplate that all loving energies around us surround us with wisdom and compassion for ourselves so that we may love ourselves deeply as we transform the clouds of doubt about who we really are…….into the heart knowing that we are love.   May we all experience ‘fire in our belly’ when we are challenged to move more deeply  into wholeness.

copyright 2010 Andrea Avari, Ph.D.

Who is Watching Whom?

“You look at this magnificent tree and you wonder who is watching whom and presently there is no watcher at all.  Everything is so intensely alive and there is only life, and the watcher is as dead as that leaf……Utterly still,…..listening without a moment of reaction, without recording, without experiencing, only seeing and listening….Really the outside is the inside and the inside is the outside, and it is difficult, almost impossible to separate them.”    Quote from Krishnamurti.

I live in the trees.   I have been watching them every day… they bend in the wind, how the sunlight filters through them, the shadows that are cast on each other and the land, the myriad of birds, squirrels, and raccoons who come to climb and jump and search for daily delights.

My perspective has been from my eyes to other.  And now I have opened to the other watching me as I go about my days and nights.  We share the awareness.  As I just sit in ‘it’……perception…….the concept of “I” and “other” melts away.  There is no me and there is no tree…..there is just the awareness that vibrates….first in form, now freely.  There is no inside……there is no outside.  It is as it is.  Words don’t help….they only lock it in and it can’t be limited.   It is a shift in energy that defies words.

And then I am back in my body but not in the same way.  Something has changed.

copyright 2010 Andrea Avari Stevens, Ph.D.

On The Path To Self-Acceptance or Who is your very best friend in the whole wide world that will never ever leave you?

When we realize that we are more than our human selves, we recognize a part of us that feels “in the zone” at times in our lives.  It is a moment when we feel connected to something beyond ourselves.  This moment may occur when we are out walking in nature, hearing the waves crashing on the beach, when we look in another’s eyes, and a thousand other moments that fill us with wonder and awe at the miracle of life.  We become ‘in sync’ with an energy that expands us, opens our hearts in a joyful feeling, creates an intuitive knowing within us that the material world is not all there is.

There is something more to us….we can sense it……not with our usual five senses of tasting, smelling, seeing with our eyes, hearing with our ears, touching with our bodies……all these senses transform beyond themselves.  We all know this place in our being at some times in our lives.  It is when we are awake to the truth of who we are.

And then we fall back into our regular human mind.  We experience judgment of ourselves.  And we know the feeling of judgment of others.  We know the place of fear in all its many disguises.  We see this fear woven into our many belief systems about ourselves and our lives. More

Dancing in the Streets

Every day one must dance, even if only in thought.
Rabbi Nachman of Breslov
So if you haven’t already danced today……..or want to keep on dancing……here is your chance…….your choice or both……….you can get up and get moving and shake it…… gratitude of
‘All That Is’
you can also hold the cellular celebration within your inner vision
dancing with all the elements of your beautiful Self
through the trees, up the mountain slopes, across the seashore, in the streets
the pure joy of just Being in this precious moment…..
Take that moment and rejoice!   Andrea
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Collective Love

We know the power of collective hate,
but we’re just beginning
to realize
the power of collective love.
Add to the collective love daily.
Marianne Williamson
Sometimes we are running so fast in our lives that we forget to just sit quietly for a few moments and to hold the vision of the world in our awareness, surrounding it totally with love.   Let’s see how often we can add to the collective pot of love each day………..Andrea


Taking for Granted

“When each day is the same as the next,
it’s because people fail to recognize the good things happening in their lives everyday;
that the sun rises………..”
Paulo Coelho

What is the subtle, seemingly innocuous energy that sucks degrees of passion and appreciation out of relationships and attitudes?

Taking It All for Granted....otherwise known as complacency…..that’s the sneaky stuff that seeps in and builds up before we even realize it is there.  It begins to form clouds over our view of the awe and wonder around and within us.
If somedays our lives seems like “Groundhog Day All Over Again.”……..full of boredom and blahs…..we can make a choice to WAKE UP and remember that we are forgetting to focus on the gifts, the incredible miracles of life……large and tiny and all in between. ……and to appreciate each and every wonderful happening in our days from moment to moment …….every single day, no matter what.

Consider trying this: every morning and every night……write out or share with a friend……5 things for which you are grateful….and don’t repeat any of the gratitudes for a week or more……what we focus on expands……..the beautiful habit of gratitude and appreciation can burst open our inner doors to the heartfelt joy of just ‘Being’………….Andrea



The Greatest Gift

“The worst loss you’ve ever experienced
the greatest gift you can have.”
Byron Katie
Byron Katie gives us some food for thought……for certain………how we allow ourselves to recognize this ‘greatest gift’ is the degree to which we choose not to be victims of life.  When we have had the luxury of time to process some of our life happenings and to move out of the perspective of the victim mode, we can see how in some way……..the gifts cracked open our hearts to both receive and to give more love……to ourselves and to others…..a greater awareness of self and a deeper appreciation of life.  Richard Bach had a similar quote that said something like “every problem has a gift for you in its hands.”  Moving out of the problem and focusing on the solution means we let go of struggle and embrace the opportunity to grow into higher consciousness.  Sometimes we forget and we get lost in our ‘stuff’.  We forget to be in connection with the ever present light within us……….this week…….let’s remember to remember what we already know in our hearts… is what we are………..
May we all be open to finding the gifts in our lives……..Andrea
copyright 2009 Andrea Avari Stevens

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