Loving the Being, Forgiving the Behavior


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Be not afraid to love yourself with an open heart.  Feel how you love the animals of this beautiful Earth. Think how they touch your heart with loving acceptance of who you truly are.   Think how an act of kindness warms your heart and can bring tears to your eyes.  Visualize the sight of a sparkling mist hiding a snowy mountain peak, evaporating from a meadow.  Remember how your breath is sharply drawn in awe at the spectacular beauty of nature.  Be aware of how your heart opens to such beauty.  That is how God loves you….with total acceptance, no strings attached.

Think of something small about yourself you do not like.  Notice how that feels in your body.  Observe how often you separate from it.  Notice how your heart contracts.  It is peace that you are seeking.  Now, breathe into your feminine energy, drawing it in to fill you up in every cell, healing as it moves with a compassionate embrace as you would with a hurting child……….loving the Being and forgiving the behavior.  It matters not what it is or how it happened.  Love melts all.  Keep bathing yourself in love, swim in it, dive deeply into it……..this is where you truly live always.  This is your Home.

The World is Our Reflection

av-_62“First, realize that your world is only a reflection of yourself


then, stop finding fault with the reflection.”


What a great concept!!  The world I experience is just a reflection of what I believe about myself. Are you experiencing any judgment of yourself today?  If not, give yourself a high five!  If you are in any degree, then join the rest of us. And because we are human there is a tendency to judge and to punish ourselves for the slightest infraction. And no one can do it better than we can. So, let’s do what Nisargadatta says……..STOP.

Sometimes we think if we don’t find fault with ourselves, then we will never change….we will just do the same old things again and again. Do we really want to keep finding fault with ourselves in order to change? That is painful and doesn’t make sense. If we stop faulting ourselves and begin to accept those parts of ourselves we judge and to forgive ourselves completely, then we will create beautiful transformations of ourselves based in love. And then we stop judging others as well and love everything as it is……while working to make changes from an open heart. If we want our world to shine more brightly in love, it starts with ourselves.  Let’s begin in this present moment!  Andrea

Copyright 2009 Andrea Avari Stevens, Ph.D.

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Give Yourself a Loving Gift

When was the last time you gave yourself something special……not a material something but a heart thing.  Most of our days are spent running from one happening to another.  Our challenge is to slow down and to become mindful……bringing our full awareness to the task at hand.  We allow our breathing to slow down as thoughts move past our mind creating a space of just ‘Being’ with whatever is in front of us.

Sometimes, however, it is a challenge to get into that ‘Being’ space.  When we are feeling disconnected, separated, and generally not at peace, it is challenging to hear the knowing of our intuition as our guide.  We can become anxious and frustrated and create confusion in our lives.  It is at those times that we need to hear from a special friend who really loves us.  One who really understands who we are; one who is able to embrace us fully with compassion. More

No Room for Fear

There is no room for fear to breathe in the energy of love.  But until we realize this stage, each breath of fear we experience can be embraced with love, nurtured into love by love.  Know that every experience is designed by its own vibration to raise ours.  There are no mistakes in energy attraction, all serves a purpose.

Take, for example, a fear of being loveable.  We will draw to us every circumstance that we uniquely would need to transform that fear into love.  People and events come into our lives to reflect that belief of being unloveable.  We can choose to accept the reinforcement of that belief or we can see past the surface events and realize that we are being called to love ourselves more deeply.  When we have learned the lesson, people who are unable to love us will pass us by with no internal emotional charge.  We will observe the process and move on our way. More

The Warrior Way of Loving What Blocks Us: Overeating

In Beingness one comes with joy – running Home as that is the Light that beckons our hearts.  Oh, that the path be clear and quick.  Alas, because we are human, the ego in its compassionate way of attempting to protect us has created heavy overcoats of lower vibrational energies that cause us to stumble and fall on our way back to the Source of who we really are.

These heavy overcoats are the beliefs that somehow we are not good enough, that we need other people’s approval, that we cannot and do not trust ourselves on some levels.  These life-smothering veneers cause us to seek our lost power in comforting foods, material goods, and addictions.   We become disconnected from our Inner Essence, that which we really are.  We end up falling asleep at times and experiencing the pain that comes from separation from our Truth.

And so we must learn the Warrior Way of Loving each obstacle in our path; each suffocating overcoat must be dissolved into Light.  The old Way of the Warrior was to constantly fight the blockages.  Fighting them is not the answer.  The overcoated blockages seem to have 99,999 lives.  Loving them is.  This is the new way of the Warrior.  More

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