Definition of Awakening by Deepak Chopra

Awakening from the point of view of the Indian wisdom tradition is the full realization of one’s true nature. This is a kind of waking up from the sleep of ignorance. Being fully conscious means there are no more dark or shadowed areas of the psyche that remain hidden from the light of the higher self.

When Like Attracts Like: being your own e-harmony

Would you want to date yourself?  Are ‘you’ the One?  Or are you still out there looking for someone else to make your life whole?  These questions are important because your mindset determines what you will attract.     Like attracts like; wounded attracts wounded; whole attracts whole.

Relationships can light up our lives like the blinding rays of the sun.  And relationships can also be the bane of our existence.   It is a choice we make.  We all want to feel connected and accepted for who we are.  We can feel that connection with another when we have it first with ourselves.  We have to do our soul work in learning to love ourselves.  The problem is that we keep looking outside ourselves for that connection first.  We want a ‘perfect’ match, resonating chemistry, energetic harmony with another.  We powder, work out, diet, comb our hair and practice our smiles so that when a likely victim approaches we are ready to cast the bait. More

A National Award!!!!

Postcard Front (1)Let’s celebrate! My book, A Hit of Heaven: a soul’s journey through illusion just won a Finalist Award from the 2009 National Indie Excellence Book Awards in the category of New Age Fiction. Very exciting!

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