The Heart’s Job by Mark Nepo

“The heart’s job is not to play seesaw with life and death,
with joy and sorrow, with peace and fear.”

“The heart’s job is to stay open to all these territories at once.
Each day, we’re asked to be a conduit:
to keep the heart open to the things that form
while bearing witness to the things that come apart;
including ourselves, especially ourselves.”
Mark Nepo

Dancing in the Streets

Every day one must dance, even if only in thought.
Rabbi Nachman of Breslov
So if you haven’t already danced today……..or want to keep on dancing……here is your chance…….your choice or both……….you can get up and get moving and shake it…… gratitude of
‘All That Is’
you can also hold the cellular celebration within your inner vision
dancing with all the elements of your beautiful Self
through the trees, up the mountain slopes, across the seashore, in the streets
the pure joy of just Being in this precious moment…..
Take that moment and rejoice!   Andrea
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Don’t Take Anything Personally

image.php (10)“Don’t Take Anything Personally.
Nothing others do is because of you.
What others say and do is a projection of their own reality,
their own dream.
When you are immune to the opinions of others,
you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”
Don Miguel Ruiz

Well, here’s a great reminder of how we can choose to create our own pain……..believing that someone else can define who we are……trusting our own identity to someone else’s reality…….yikes………how could that ever be a good thing?
……. and yet there are times when we easily fall into that mud puddle….. and more often than we would hope….
……..we all have our times when we forget who we really are and slosh around in the scummy pond of ‘Judgmental Opinions’. 
But that’s OK because we are getting better and better at recognizing the feeling when we are giving away our power.  It doesn’t feel good to be a victim but it certainly gets our attention…..this suffering thing……..So we wake up and climb out of that  messy level of consciousness.  We take responsibility and accept what is…….we don’t have to like it……but if we accept it and realize that someone’s opinion is a product of their own particular life influences and filters that are special to their unique perspective…………..and what does that have to do with us?  Nothing.  At all.
And instead of being defensive and protective of ourselves, we allow others to have their own reality……instead of trying to argue or manipulate them to see it our way.  It is theirs, not ours… we give the energy back to them graciously. And the charge for us dissolves and we are no longer held hostage. Now we are free to examine the opinion without any emotional jolt.  We can see if it holds any truth that we can use in our evolution…….maybe……maybe not…….now we can see straight through to it because we are not busy resisting it.

…….we have freed ourselves to move along into the next present moment.  We need no one’s approval but our own.  A beautiful week devoted to letting go of suffering……Andrea
copyright 2009 Andrea Avari Stevens

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