Reminder from Richard Moss

“I ask that each of us stop for one minute, as often as possible in our lives, and in prayer, embrace the intelligence that is bringing us forth in the midst of what often looks like a great deal of human mistake. I invite people to be, for a minute each day, a living prayer that honors the wholeness that is, always has been, and always will be.”  Richard Moss

A Bit of Course in Miracles

“The world is nothing in itself. Your mind must give it meaning. And what you behold upon it are your wishes, acted out so you can look on them and think them real.”

Thoughtful Quote from Byron Katie

“When you say or do anything to please, get, keep, influence, or control anyone or anything, fear is the cause and pain is the result.” Byron Katie

Quote from Byron Katie

Everyone and everything is doing its job perfectly – no mistake. Byron Katie

A Prayer

Dear Divine Essence:

My desire, my priority is inner peace.  I want the experience of deep universal Love.  I don’t know what would bring that to me.  I leave the process of self-realization to your energetically transforming healing.   I trust in the process of life always deepening into Higher Consciousness.  I know that the qualities of my compassionate soul draw to me that which perfectly teaches me to love myself and all else in infinite expansion. I know that as my light shines more brilliantly… does the world.  The greed and corruption, lies and deception…..all forms of fear of surrendering to Love……..will gradually dissolve into the higher vibrations of compassion, cooperation and love as we each learn to walk our talk in healing our wounded hearts.   May grace surround us in our courageous transformations.

I continually beam my light to all the people and events of the world to join with their light as we realize who we truly are.  I am so very grateful that we are One in the core of our Being.




Expanding Beyond Fear

This week I discovered that I have bands of protection around my heart.  If someone had told me that before I discovered it, I would have said…… way!  Uhhuh…….don’t think so……can’t be. I do my work.  I have already taken care of any supposed ‘protective bands.’   I am open; I am vulnerable……I would say to myself.   And then…there they were……beautiful protective bands doing their job with steel commitment….gleaming in the light that shone upon them………keeping my heart safe.

I am deeply grateful to these bands of safety.  They were there for as long as protection was needed. And these bands that wound around my heart were not going to abandon me as long as I needed protection.   And as it turned out, I really did need them.

There were concealed wounds and fear that needed to be hidden from the penetrating invitation that is always pulsing from the energy of higher love.  And now the universe had initiated the clarion call to healing.  I was being called to love more deeply.  That is such a good thing.  And then there is the huge challenge  in being called to love in a way that one has never loved.   It is unknown territory. More

The Universal Family

Evolving maturity…….is that what we are?  A flicker of a light growing in intensity over the many lives, many moments of learning our lessons of being love.  The tiny speck of luminescence that draws to it the potential of teachings that when commitment and courage are present, slowly or spontaneously grow until it transforms and explodes  into blinding light.

Are we evolving through and past our families of origin and growing into the awareness of Home?…..the birthplace of our Universal Family.  As we heal our wounded selves and begin to recognize the peacefulness in our hearts as that for which we have been searching all our lives, we see that all people and things are our Family.  We move past the need to have others fulfill us.  We have learned to be the nurturer and protector of ourselves.  We revel in the joy of connection; now we no longer carry expectations for others to make us whole.  We are whole.  We have integrated the mother/father aspects of our teachers into our hearts.  And for that process we have deep gratitude.

We may ask ourselves…….in this moment who is our Higher Power…where are we focusing our attention…….is it still other people, conditions, and things?  If the answer moves beyond our earthly teachers, we no longer project our beliefs and demands about our parents onto God (or whatever concept works….).  God will not abandon us, God will not judge us as lacking.  God is trust.  God is free to be.   God is walking among us; God is resting quietly as the rock on the shore, flying high as the eagle riding the thermals, working the cash register at the nearby grocery store; loving in friends next door and far across the world, lying deep inside the greediest corporation, pulsing at the core of corrupt political systems, always present, always available to be known, never needing to be.

We are like the lighthouse on the shore…….continually cleaning our windows so that our light may shine through……allowing us to join  with the myriad of other diamond lights shining brightly……exponentially increasing our power of transformation.   We are family.

©2010AndreaAvari Stevens

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