Look in the Mirror: Your Teacher Awaits You

It is time to stop looking for others to guide us to inner peace. It is time to look in the mirror and see our teacher. It is us; it has always been us.

We have been looking for signposts to guide our way and somehow we tend to get caught up in another’s story and their interpretations. The bookcases full of books we all have may have been helpful and uplifting in some cases but after awhile we realize in different ways and in different words, they all say the same thing: inner peace is within us.

The Clock Strikes NOW

By Andrea Avari Stevens, Ph.D. 


Much time and effort can be spent trying to be the NOW.   Being present might be defined as having your complete awareness in a particular moment so that the moment itself is absent.  The idea of being present sounds so easy; however, there are many of us that are experiencing a degree of frustration at hearing so often about being present and feeling that so many times we are not. 


What if we are seeking after the effect and not the cause?  What if we are trying so hard to create the effect of the NOW and there is no need to try?  There is no need to seek.  Being in the NOW is simply the effect of living in our highest consciousness.  Well, that is great but how does one do that?  It is like learning to love yourself.  There are many books written about it but rarely does a deeper understanding comes through to the reader.  More

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