The Second Coming is not……by Caroline de Lisser

The second coming is not Jesus descending from the clouds, it is the rise of the divine feminine so that the marriage of the masculine and feminine as a spiritual integration on equal terms in the hearts of humanity can occur on earth. Only then can humanity attain balance within themselves, with each other and with Mother Earth. We are witnessing that struggle right now on an external level as we watch women struggle for their rights, people rising up and demanding that we place our attention on bringing to a halt our destruction of the eco system due to greed and the power hungry patriarchy. We are also witnessing the patriarchy being expressed as an archetype in political figures such as Trump. He’s playing his role in this drama so that those who have an opened heart chakra and the eyes to see the truth can rise up in numbers and take a stand in the name of love, unity and respect for all living beings. We are at a crossroad struggling to move out of the dark ages of the Kali Yuga into the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment. We are privileged to be here and those that understand this have a responsibility to vision in the change that needs to happen. Stop focusing on the fear and focus on bringing in light to all the darkness out there. Caroline de Lisser ❤️

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