Adyashanti on Concepts

“When you give yourself this amazing gift of not trying to find yourself within some particular concept or feeling, then the openness expands until your identity becomes more and more the openness itself, rather than some point of reference in the mind called a belief or a particular feeling in the body. The point is not to get rid of thoughts or feelings, but just not to feel located inside of them. Openness has no particular location. It seems to be everywhere. It has room for anything. There can be a thought or no thought. There can be a feeling or no feeling. There can be sounds. There can be silence. Nothing disturbs openness. Nothing disturbs your true nature We only get disturbed when we close ourselves by identifying with a particular point of view, a concept of who I am or who I believe or feel myself to be; we go in opposition against what’s happening. But when we are being our true nature, which is openness, we find that we’re actually not in opposition to anything. Whatever is happening in the openness is perfectly okay, and so we are able to respond to life in a spontaneous and wise way.”

~ Adyashanti from the book “Emptiness Dancing”

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