Adyashanti on Awareness and Freedom

Each moment is the moment that needs to be happening. Each experience we have is the divine invitation. It may be a beautifully engraved invitation, or it may be a very fierce invitation, but each moment is the invitation. I couldn’t possibly emphasize this more: the texture and flow of our lives, from moment to moment, is itself what reveals freedom. Life itself shows us what we need to see through in order to be free.
So it is necessary that we don’t run from life, that we actually face what’s happening in an honest and sustained way. When we do this, we come to see that we truly do come to nirvana by way of samsara. This doesn’t mean we stay stuck in samsara. Instead, we unhook ourselves from it. We un-Velcro our samsaric and illusory thoughts, and by doing so, we end up in nirvana.
Awakening reveals our already perfect inherent freedom. It also becomes the groundwork from which we develop the wherewithal—the clarity and courage—to look into anything that may have the power to Velcro us into pain and identification. Over time, this seeing and releasing becomes natural; it becomes spontaneous. At the beginning, it may be somewhat tedious. It may take quite a bit of time and intention, maybe even some real effort and discipline. As time goes on, however, it becomes more and more natural, more and more spontaneous. At a certain point, this seeing and releasing becomes so internalized that it’s almost automatic. A thought arises, and there may be an instant of identification. Inquiry meets the thought, and it opens itself to freedom. Once this inward releasing is deeply internalized, the whole process can take a split second. That’s the way awakening moves. At times, we don’t even know it’s happening. But it is happening: Awareness is freeing itself, over and over and over. And as I have said, the key is sincerity. It’s the willingness to meet, sincerely and honestly, what is happening in our body and mind. That is always the doorway to freedom—a freedom that only happens now and now and now and now.
~ Adyashanti ~
The End Of Your World

Metta by Jack Kornfield

May I love myself just as I am

May I sense my worthiness and well-being

May I trust this world

May I hold myself in compassion

May I meet the suffering and ignorance of others

with compassion……..

Jack Kornfield


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