From ‘Belonging’ by Toko-pa

“The problem with convenience and efficiency is that, in the effort to make the shortest path between us and the things we want, the privilege of accountability is lost.

If you consider the time it takes an individual to gather raw materials, which are often living organisms, the honour & grief that is felt in their losses to our ecosystems, the lifetime courtship of the tools and material’s ways, the apprenticeship to the land which enables it all, then you have a life which is interwoven with its art.

You have a person who is beholden to their place in the world and you can trace a path across their wounds and wrinkles to their love of a thing, which they will protect, and which will feed you with its long history, beauty and richness. A person like this thinks twice about ‘developing’ an unblemished piece of land.” – Dreamwork with Toko-pa

Excerpted from the forthcoming book on “Belonging” © Toko-pa Turner 2017. To read more, sign up for Toko-pa’s free newsletter here:


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