Suffering Can Bring Grace

The underbelly of our society has come out of the shadows… is the fear of ‘other’ that has been hiding under our collective beds.  We have named it many times…..bigotry, patriarchy, sexism, islamophobia, communism, fascism, terror, religion, a caste system of capitalism, inequality, uneducated, white trash, body image……And on and on.  The fear of the ‘other’ is upfront and center, asking to be healed.  Can we slowly open to the darkness with an embrace of compassion and understanding?  Or are we too afraid that we will be tainted by the fear?  Are we too afraid we will be overwhelmed with despair?  

Is so, then we have forgotten who we really are.  We are Love at our core…..all of us.  We are all sparks of the Great Spirit, of the Universal Consciousness, of the Divine Light, of God…..whatever concept fits for each of us personally.  We are One.  We know this deep in our hearts.  We feel the resonance in our bodies when we feel Love.  And we are aware in our bodies, minds, and spirit when we have lost the connection.  We can employ spiritual bypassing and just think positive thoughts but we all know where that gets us.   Healing the mental without healing our emotions and hearts keeps us in limitation limbo.  We are safe but not growing.   

The underbelly shadow is here.  We may not like it or want to acknowledge its presence but we need to work on accepting what is.  In that light we might ask ourselves several questions……how are we personally withholding love?  What areas in my heart have I explored to see where I may give some but not wholly.  How am I separating myself from others? In what ways large and small am I contributing to the shadow?  

Is it possible that this new experience we are having could actually be a gift?  Is this shadow asking us to explore our own hearts in a vastly deeper way than before… a way that we didn’t even know was possible?  Are we being asked to take responsibility for ourselves overtly and in our deeper inner processes in a way that reminds us that WE  really really are the change?  Are we realizing that we no longer need to look for an authoritarian parental figure to guide us?  

We know in our hearts what to do now.  We can smile with our hearts with our neighbors who voted differently and we can speak up assertively and strongly when our ethical boundaries are violated.  Can we start in this very precious present moment to titrate a drop of fear into the vast, infinite ocean of love……watching it dissolve into divine healing light?  We can take a deep breath and reconnect to our hearts right now.  We may need many more deep breaths until we feel the energy of love permeating our every cell.  Let’s spread it out, expanding this amazing healing energy all around us to all of existence.  When we forget, we breathe and come back to what is real….our hearts.  Suffering can bring grace because the answer is always included in the question.  May all beings be in peace.

Andrea Avari Stevens

(I just noticed that there is an ad for Andrew Cohen on this page…..I do not in any way support him or this ad….but I do send him light to heal!)

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