Love and things…… Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Dear Brave Souls:

May It Be So for You
as You Grow Older
And Older

May sometimes
as is right
and proper…

your reticent Heart
grow tiny fluttering
or long flapping wings
and fly right
past you,
out the
unguarded door
of your ego–

and before you can
your Heart
suddenly whooshing by you,
and even when finally noted,
too late to stop
that sure-winged thing…

as your precious Heart
rushes ahead
and says
right out loud,
loud enough
to be heard…
‘I love you–‘

without reservation,
to whomever
or whatever…

asking for nothing,
receiving nothing
in return…

but for the pure
joy of speaking love
to a flower
to a person
to the night sky
to a creature
but especially
to another soul..

I Love You
is the Heart’s way
of singing
out loud.

It is the primal
that we all came
to Earth
to sing.

Sing it!
Dont save it.

It doesnt keep
well without
making you miserable
with ‘dammed-up love’
like a tangled clot
that endangers
the true Heart–

for love, like life’s blood–
is meant to flow
through us,
as we are called,
just like blood
is meant to flow
easily through
all the arteries
of the body.

And called we are
to Love.

Sing it!

You cannot
use it all up.
Sing it!

Dont make True Heart
work so hard
to have free passage;
Be kind to your own Heart

… Let Her have lift off,
let Her fly out the door
as She is called,
to sing Her Song

for remember,
though winged Heart sings–
it is your Soul
Who wrote the Song.

This comes with love, for you, for your sweetest song, the one sung for sake of Love, asking nothing, taking nothing. Just Being in True Self. Home.



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