Struggling by Adyashanti

Though it seems like it would be hard not to struggle, it really isn’t. What makes it seem hard is that our sense of self, our ‘little me,’ is trying to not struggle, and as long as we, as a sense of self, are trying to not struggle, the very intention to do so sets up a tension inside us, a sort of psychological and emotional tightness.

Relaxing and letting go of struggle isn’t something that the ego does – yet we often get our egos involved in trying to make letting go happen. To even say, ‘Let go of struggle,’ isn’t quite right. All that’s required is that you begin to notice that place within you that’s not struggling. To do this means there’s really no future for which to hope. In fact, the idea of future is one of the barriers of awakening to our true nature. This is because the future keeps us looking at something other than what’s happening right now. If you were to ask yourself, ‘Even before I try to stop struggling, even before I try to relax and find peace, is peace already here?’ Then just be quiet for a moment, and listen.”

~ Adyashanti

Falling into Grace


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