Love is All

By Andrea Avari Stevens

How much do our beliefs cause us to suffer?  How does fear set us up physiologically and psychologically to suffer?  We suffer until we get it.  Get what?  When our beliefs are based in fear, in duality, that we are separate, there will be suffering.  Suffering is the appearance of the shadow wanting our attention to heal.  Most likely, we keep on keeping on until we are down on our knees.  Suffering will continue until we realize that LOVE IS ALL. We are all, at our core, the essence of Love.  To access and to live in that heart space we need to embrace the fear inside and then inquire into the root of the fear.

Suffering continues when we dismiss the fear and sit in the mud of our hidden fears until it becomes a basis for our feelings and consequent behaviors.  Then we wonder why the consequences in our lives are not what we wanted to create.   We can grieve the loss of love in our world and then work to BE the LOVE in our hearts.  How many of us are at war within ourselves over judging, criticizing, etc.   LOVE is the most powerful vibration we know.  We can bring that compassionate caring to those parts of ourselves that tremble in fear of lack, of giving and receiving love, trusting that love really does conquer all.

Hold the entire world and yourself in your heart.  Soothe the fear with love and compassion for all…..include all those who live in fear…….be aware of the polarities in shifting from fear to love.  See it in your everyday experience; see the change in small or large degrees of love.  Savor the joy in that love.  Question your hopelessness when it shows its power fueled by the fear in your own heart.  Allow yourself to take steps forward in trusting that Love dissolves fear.  There is much fear on the planet now and there is also much love on the planet.   Which energy shall we choose to feed?


©2016 Andrea Avari Stevens

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