Consciousness & the Absolute


~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj ~ Consciousness and the Absolute

March 24, 1981

Maharaj: If you sit here quietly, being one with the knowledge “I Am”, then you are not concerned with the world or what goes on in the world. It is only when the consciousness starts operating and
there are various movements in the consciousness that the behavior in the world takes place. When I am not conscious of the existence of the body, experiences are not registered.

Just as the universe is contained in consciousness, so too this physical body is merely an appearance in consciousness, perceived and cognized by consciousness. No amount of effort can
make you understand this; only the deepest apperception of this in consciousness will make that experience happen by itself.

Anyone in that condition, where the consciousness is present but the registration of the existence of the body is not, even in that state the conditions in the body change constantly. All of this is an appearance in consciousness; therefore, consciousness has to suffer all of the changing conditions.

In that state any number of events happen, but all that is really happening is a total functioning against the background of this void which, in reality, is really consciousness. There is no separate
identity; what IS is this consciousness, apart from that no one can exist.

When you are very quiet, you have arrived at the basis of everything. That is the deep, dark blue state in which there are millions of stars and planets. When you are in that state, you have no awareness of your existence.

~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj ~ Consciousness and the Absolute


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