Embracing All Parts of YOU……by Caroline deLisser

She’s descending into the underworld to resurrect the pieces of her heart that were lost to her.
her descent is a quest for soul retrieval,
It is a sacred pilgrimage but the most challenging and painful one…
It’s not easy to enter the darkness, to face, welcome and embrace the parts of herself that she has rejected and denied, but she needs every little piece of herself in order to be whole, only then can the phoenix of her God/dess self rise in full possession of her potency and power..
Within every held bondage Inanna sits patiently waiting and she is now very aware of her presence…

This has not been an overnight journey, this is the culmination of an initiation spanning many lifetimes of slowly and repeatedly waking up and falling back into slumber, she’s been sleep walking for centuries, lost in false power seeking and the distractions of maya…
Her awakening terrifies her because she knows that she has come too far to return to sleep.

What has become clear to her, is clear because she’s ready to address it, ready to take her awareness and her actions to a higher level of self responsibility and integrity…
But a part of her is holding back, so she’s taking baby steps, testing the water carefully as she moves into her own darkness…
She’s not quite courageous enough to take a flying leap over the edge yet but she’s ok with that, for her it’s enough that she is willing and has embarked on the journey back to her true kingdom.

She is practicing patience with her vulnerability that wants to hold on to her false crutches…
She’s practicing patience with her fear disguised as laziness…
She knows that she’s gathering momentum with each step towards her own liberation and that’s enough, she’s being gentle with the part of her that fears change, that fears her own power and this time she’s not viewing that part of herself as her enemy, she’s holding her hand, she’s moving with all of herself, discarding the layers as they are ready to be shed…
She’s no longer forcing, she’s flowing with her own rhythms…
nothing is going to stop her now.
© Caroline de Lisser


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