Thoughts on Stillness by Lao Tzu

In the beginning the least possible resistance magnetized the ultimate power of stillness thus to come up short – short of the reconciliation needed for stillness to remain still – and so, it cycles on/off. The movement is a psychic event and as it thinks it cycles faster. But all is not lost because the back and forth causes a magnetic flux that separates and individuates into the things that make up the universe. Voila! Release is at hand and all it takes is for the things to figure out where they come from.
The short-circuit is the only movement; it is a ‘soft bang’. The flux created by repetition is resistance to ultimate magnetism. All that exists is resistance to ultimate magnetism/stillness and it is with tongue-in-cheek that the sacred ‘sound of the universe’ is called OM.
The universe is disappearing and reappearing to meet the demands of our insistence that illusion is real. When we stop this nonsense we enter states of unimaginable power ~ Lao Tzu.


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