Criticism by Byron Katie

“Criticism is an incredible opportunity to grow. Here are some steps on how to receive criticism and benefit from it. When someone says you are “wrong, terrible, sloppy,” etc., say (either in your mind, or aloud to that person) “Thank you.” This thought immediately puts you in a space where you’re available to hear and to use the information in a way that can serve you. After the criticism, ask yourself, “Do I hurt?” If the answer is “yes,” then know somewhere within you, you believe the criticism also. Knowing this gives you the opportunity to heal that portion which you find unacceptable within yourself. If you want to cease to be vulnerable to criticism, then heal the criticisms. That is the ultimate power in letting go of every concept. Being vulnerable means you can no longer be manipulated for there is no place for criticism to stick. Not a thread of what is said can stick to you once you have questioned your thoughts and thoroughly seen through to what is truer in your own heart. This is freedom”. – Katie

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