The Work Description by Byron Katie

Hi Katie,

i have something that bothers me for a long long time now. a few years ago i experienced a few moments of truth, i felt love, faith, i felt god is inside of me and in these moments i saw the mind is not me. i observed as it was talking and talking. but since then i can get used to my “normal state” of not feeling all these things, since then i feel as if I’m living a lie and i can’t stop it no matter what i do. it was a gift that was given to me and then disappeared and left me with a huge anger towards my mind and towards my self. please give me an advice what to do in order to see the truth through the work
with love

Dearest Tal,

In those few moments you speak of, in that state of grace, you were, in my experience, given a very important gift, you were given a reference for what it is to be free from the mind’s attachment to a false self, the mind that would imagine that it was something other than just that, mind. At some point in your experience, a thought happened, you attached to that thought, in other words, you believed it as it came through, and this “unlimited you” experience ended, and you have remained a bit bitter and homesick or ……? Lost? What was the thought or assumption that brought you back into the dream world? Find it, identify and question it. It was important enough to die for at the time. You attached, believed, assumed to be true whatever you were thinking, and you lost the only life you have ever really loved.

Let’s look at it this way: The Work is a way to go back to where you came from, that unlimited love, thought by thought, assumption by assumption. To identify stressful thoughts that create this illusion of an unfriendly, fearful universe as they arise, write them down and then question them. If you were mind, could you exist if you didn’t identify as a “something”? You are that perceived “something” that it has identified as, and so the rest of the world seems to be real to the mind that would project out of that false self, perceive what isn’t anything other than pure imagination. (There is more to it and that comes later. For now, first “things” first.)

This isn’t serious, life is simply the dream to wake up from. Soo, you ask for help. Sooo, imagine all the knowledge and wisdom without limit in the world living as one side of your mind, and its true nature is pure love. It can only know kindness, mercy, compassion, and pure truth. Okay? Now, imagine all the beliefs that would oppose, argue with, do war against this wisdom, this pure light. The other part of the mind, the terrified mind, would scream at all that the wise side understands. In its terror and ignorance, in its “I know” confused state, it would override and do anything, believe anything, to be right. It must win in order to “be,” and it can never win against the power of what really is pure love and its true reflection. It would die into its own heart, the wise side would take it over, enlighten it, if it dared to pause for one honest moment as it listens to the wise side’s answer to “Is it true” from the center of itself.

Now imagine the four questions and turnaround in the center, between the two sides of the mind. As the bridge between the two, actually as the center. This center holds no opinion at all, not even the opinion that the “I-know” mind should slow down, get still, pay attention to, or listen to the wise side (the other side of its own self). The center holding the questions doesn’t believe that its questions should be heard, answered, or even observed, it is a non-believer and leaves it to the willingness of the “I-know” mind to use its questions. It lives as a friend, a bridge to the other side of itself without any shoulds, shouldn’ts, wants, or needs. No “becauses,” no “buts.” It is always there and always available, it just is there to be used or not. If the “I-know” mind is willing to use the four questions to reach the other side, and stops long enough to allow the wise side to answer, to live, in that pause, the wise side’s pure love and wisdom will penetrate and change it forever. Eventually the confused “I-know” mind becomes the wise mind, and nothing is left to know in that known. It is the end of war with the self, the end of war of the mind with itself and all of life.

To do The Work is to give the ignorant, frightened, uneducated, imagined self an opportunity to wake itself up to what is its own beloved. To let the answers to the questions penetrate, educate the confused mind is to enlighten it, to set itself free from the fear and delusions of what isn’t real, no matter how real it seems, it is awake to and get free from the false fearful imagined self, at last, free from its own mistaken identity, the “what isn’t.” The Work works only when the confused mind truly and honestly invites and surrenders to listen to its very own dearest self. In that surrender, it witnesses and truly meets the greatest power, the only power, the one that knows all, the one longed for, the Self, God.

So, my angel, Tal, I offer you my experience and metaphor of the help you ask and direct you to it in every way I can direct you, to how to get back to the greatest power of all and where it resides. Big respect for that reference, no shortcuts. I invite you to be still, wait, and re-know what has always been until it is no longer necessary. Go home, in time, in the name of love, your true name, for goodness’ sake.

Thank you for writing, I love that you dreamed you, me, as well as all else apparently alive, and I invite you to test for yourself all that I invite you to. It’s safe, I am that other side speaking, and I give you, as the center, the way to the love you can trust and rest in, the love of your own dearest self. Meet me there, I wait in time, and in that, I am immovable. Again, I invite you to the creator of all, and that would be you. Thank you for dreaming me up.

Loving what isn’t all, as though it were,

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