Anger is meant to be a messenger not a room-mate by Caroline de Lisser

Anger is our friend, it is meant to be a messenger not a room-mate. if we get this we can allow anger to be a helpful guide rather than an opponent that wreaks havoc with our lives and ruins our relationships. Anger is the natural ferocity of mother goddess and it can be a protective instinct as in outrage concerning the iniquities and inhumanity that abounds in this world, but anger can also be a wake up call, a sign post that we are in a situation or with people that do not serve us, or denying a shadow aspect within ourselves that we reject through another… Often our externalized and projected anger on this front is in actuality anger with ourselves for not supporting and loving ourselves. Either way, anger is a call for action, for creating change on some level, but it has to move, to transmute back to love.
© Caroline de lisser


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