Avoiding our Self by Mooji

You have not acknowledged your Presence.
You made your well feel dry, and you rely now on logic and rationality,
which are limited forces within you.
You must own your Self, love your Self, because by loving your Self,
your power returns and you find your well is no longer dry.
When this power is revived in you again,
all powers you need come spontaneously into play again.

There is a bush found in the desert.
They call it a desert rose.
It is dry just like tumbleweed,
but if you spray water on it and put it into a moist place,
it becomes the most beautiful flower.
Your Heart can seem dry, but it is never dead.
It is only dry when you turn your attention
towards your mind and your person.
That is the quickest way to dry up.
And when you become dry like that,
you don’t attract the beautiful things of this world.

Quickly you must find God, but you must also proof your worth.
You always have this power, but you must honour it.
It never left you; it is you who seem to leave it,
even though it cannot leave you, for you are One wholeness.
You, the ‘person’, are trying to work things out with your own mind,
but the personal mind is totally inadequate to perceive the things of heaven.
It is just not enough, always falling short.
What I am pointing to now is never too late to see,
but you must turn to your Heart again.
You must turn and cry and moisten your Heart again
so that the Lord’s flower opens inside you.
Too much thinking. Too much person.
Your well, which is the spring of life, seems to have dried but it is not dead.
But it seems difficult to bring things across to you.
It is as though you are ignoring me.
Jesus said to some of the teachers of the Law and the Pharisees,
the religious authorities of the day: ‘You sieve out a flea, yet you swallow a camel,’ meaning that you pay attention to tiny, stupid things, but the big things you miss altogether.

The big thing is You.
You are missing from You.
You are the main thing missing from your life.
You think other things are missing but it is You that is missing.
Don’t avoid your Self.
The whole word suffers because we avoid our Self.

~ Mooji


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