Love This from Kirsten Popovic

his day I witnessed Spirit in the leaves that blew through me,
Like past hurts, woes and identities falling from me
Swept away by an ancient me.
This day I understood the yearning in me
Writhing like Gaia’s electricity
Charging the sleeping innate in me, God/dess stirring, shaking me.
This day I saw the reflection of me
Shimmer in the dancing sisters around me
Rise up from their earthen feet to shine mirrors of me.
This day I heard Spirit move through trees
Whispering ancient prophecy, humming Gaia’s chant through me
My breath, my voice, my blood all Spirit sacred me.
This day I felt the universe expand, contract, expel, create
In me the path to one from many
Rushing into light through each enlightening cell in me.
This day I learned to love myself, the human self, the angel self,
The masculine self, the selfish self, the selfless self, the compassionate unending, unhurting, untamed feminine wild screaming, healing, flowing self that is still only a fragment of me.
This day I realize my infinity and spiral out like all the ones before,
The witch, the hag, princess, queen, warrior, pauper, leper, maiden, eagle, wolf, mare and whore.
This day I allow my tears to carry the shadows from me,
I reach down into your soul and drag them out to set them free
Like so many birds now rising into blessed eternity.

~ Kirsten Popovic

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