“You are the Power House, the Power Tool” by Ptaah

Message from P’taah – January 2015

You Are the Power House, the Power Tool

You know, beloved peoples, you are absolutely doing it right. Because you see what has occurred in this timing where you are being involved in all of these stories, is that you have forgotten, many of you, the absolute simplicity. The absolute simplicity that who you are indeed is God/Goddess choosing to experience this dimension simply to bear witness to and take part in the change. You have forgotten, mmm? Not fireworks enough. Well that is all right. That is perfectly all right because you know, sooner or later you will get that the bottom line is, it all comes back to you because you create it all absolutely. And who you are absolutely is eternal. Who you are absolutely is abundance. Who you are absolutely is the one who has chosen this reality, this dimension, simply to take part, to bear witness to the change.
Simplicity. It all comes back to you. How wondrous indeed! And it is up to you to take the power because you are the powerhouse, you are the power tool. And it is all very well for you to get involved with whatever stories you want and to use whatever methodology you desire to get to where you think you are supposed to be, but bring it back to you. You are the power house, you are the power tool, and where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be. And you are not going to miss the boat, else you would not be here. That is the bottom line.
If you were not choosing to be here, to take part in the transition, if you were not absolutely wondrous and beauteous facets of God/Goddess, All-That-Is, you would not be here. Well it cannot get more simple than that, really, hmmm? It cannot.
All right. So you are the powerhouse. You are the power tool. You are the choice because you created it absolutely, so why have the wheels fallen off? Why is it not peaceful and joyful, with ease and flow, with joy and laughter. Why is it not this? Well, you will not find the answer outside of you! Here we are, just simply another channelled energy with more stuff for you to listen to. But we are only here for one reason–to remind you that that is where it started. That is where it ends. There is nothing else, hmmm? There is nothing else. Here it is, here.
And so if the wheels are falling off your life, if it is not as you would desire, if it is not the joy and the harmony, then it is simply to stop. Stop and look at what it is that is not as you would desire it to be. And simply to say, “What is it that I believe about this situation?” Write it down. “What do I believe about this situation?” Because you know, beloved peoples, that structure that you live within, those belief structures of your reality, tell you every day what you believe.
Look at what you fear. Really look at what you fear.  And you see, in every moment of your time, that which is not aligned is there for you to look at. It is very simple.
Some of those beliefs are so buried within you, so much a part of the fabric of your being, your consciousness, that you are not even aware that they arebeliefs about reality. For you they simply are reality.
So, on occasion, it would behoove you well to look at those beliefs. To say, “What do I really believe?” And to write down what it is, even that which you have heard from childhood. Because that which are the beliefs passed down to you become so much the fabric, that you think it is real and are not in understanding in truth that it is only a belief about reality. So look at that.
And look at the fears. Look at the fears. You know all of the fears that you have are the same. And it is quite amusing in a way, you know, because you all go to such incredible lengths to hide it, to hide what you fear. You go to such incredible lengths to be invulnerable. Now why? Why is it that you are afraid to be vulnerable?
You know it is simply that which come from that first pain and anguish from your childhood. And you know, you know within you, that if you open your heart, somebody will put a knife in there and you will die.
Even if your intellect says, “That is absolute nonsense,” that isn’t what it says in here, where you live. Well, you know, when it comes from there, when it comes from there, nobody can harm you, hmmm?
That is called the greatest position of power in your universe, in any universe. Open heart, vulnerability. “I am afraid! I am afraid that I am not enough. I am afraid I am not worthy of love and I am afraid of being lonely.
Well, you are not alone. You have never been alone and you never will be alone. But the only thing that keeps you from that absolute knowing that you are not separate from anything or anybody, is the fear. That is all.
Time to change it, eh? But it is simple. It is simple. That fear is simply the baby that lives here within you, that baby that you are, that you are now. That little frightened baby. Well, you know, all of you who are very busy to try to release, to stuff down, to put aside, that which is the fear. You would not do that with a baby.
You would take the babe in your arms, to your breast, and you would say to that babe, “Beloved, it it you and I and I will never leave you. You will never, ever be apart. We live in a safe universe and together we are going home.”
Is this not wondrous? Is it not simple? Absolutely.


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