By Caroline de Lisser

“She’s no longer invested in being anything other than who she is in any given moment,
she’s got nothing to prove…
She would rather allow herself to be “unholy,” mindless, reckless if that means being authentic and real…
But the result is always a return to greater loving…

Her life is like the waves of the ocean, flowing into consciousness and ebbing out, but she’s catching herself a lot more quickly and she’s no longer rejecting herself for it,
she’s seen that this rejecting self is ego in the disguise of spirituality, ego aiming for saint hood,
and ego is always needing to prove herself worthy,
ego has no idea what true perfection is
because ego has forgotten that love runs the whole show,
nothing is separate, greater or lesser…
Darkness versus light is a perception not a reality.
Polarity keeps the wheels of creation spinning, duality fogs the screen…”
© Caroline de Lisser

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