Fear of Disease by Marianne Williamson

Fear of disease can attract disease, because we’re at the effect of what we think is real.

The fear of Ebola is a spreading thought virus, at least as much as the disease itself is a spreading physical virus. Use this daily meditation to boost your immune system, surround yourself with a spiritual shield, and contribute to the dissolution of all disease by dissolving it within your mind….

1) Close your eyes and affirm that as you have closed your outer eye, your inner eye has opened.

2) See a burst of holy white light — it could be a general Light, or the Light of the body of Christ or Buddha or whatever your mind relates to — and witness it covering your body.

3) Pray that every cell within and around you be suffused with this Light, that no darkness might enter.

4) With your inner eye, see your entire body infused with this Light and transformed by the Light.

5) Hold this vision for two minutes a day.

6) Pray that everyone else be protected by the Light, as well.


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