“There is Nothing Wrong With Us” by Caroline de Lisser

There is nothing “wrong” with us. Everything about us is purposely there to serve our own unique evolution.
We are growing out of duality consciousness and shifting into unity consciousness that is all inclusive and without need to compare and reject.
It’s ok to be flawed, messed up even…We all came in with stuff to work on. That is the nature of being in human form and no one is exempt.
The grass may appear greener on the other side but the other side always has it’s own hidden crosses to bare.

We are creating an inner split when we feel that we need to be someone other than who we are. We will be in perpetual conflict and self rejection while lost in a dream of trying to become something that we are not rather than simply being with who we are and drawing forth our own authentic strengths and talents.
This cannot happen if we are busy trying to be someone else.
We will miss our own power hidden under our denied parts.
Being fully present with what is, as it is, is where life and growth happens.
To start the warrior’s journey, we have to start by retrieving all of ourself, no parts left under the carpet or locked away in the broom closet.
We have to be willing to claim our vulnerable, unfinished, imperfect self and accept all of it so that wholeness has a chance to occur.
This is not something that usually happens overnight, it is a purposeful journey with intention and self awareness as our vehicle. We will fall off our horse time and time again into self rejection but each time we willingly get back on we gain strength and confidence and the ability to hold on to our seat.
© Caroline de Lisser

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