And then we were ONE……..

I looked out the window this morning and I was struck by the thought that everyone who is and who has been walking this earth is ME. I am THEM. We are all ONE. Is this Spirit living many lives so as to experience and grow into love from all possible directions of budding egos? This thought includes all beings, organic or inorganic.

So I am meeting myself on the street, laughing and talking with many, smiling at all, sending love to everyone and everything because they are all me and I am all them. Seeing the trees and the birds from my window, I send them love. The crows, which annoyed me when I first moved here with their incessant cawing, are providing me with a first line of defense from eagles and cougars and bobcats and coyotes who would enjoy my two small dogs as an evening snack. When the crows congregate and begin their loud callings, they are alerting me to be careful. I am grateful to their Being and their gift. The trees swaying in the wind remind me to bend with flexibility. The sun reminds me to shine my light, the moon to reflect on my inner workings. The twinkling stars help me to remember that possibilities are infinite.

And then there are the ones who are lost in their wounding, fumbling in their disconnection, forgetting the radiance of their smile. They are also ME. These are the aspects of me that I can be tempted to turn my head and eyes away from their pain. I used to take their pain personally as though I had caused it but I am learning to take responsibility for my own consciousness process. I am grateful to them because their pain reminds me of what pain I could be covering up in myself. And I know that the Universe is working to help me and us all to become more conscious of our illusions. I send them love and surround them with light…..knowing that they, too, will eventually regain their smile.

The Universe is actively sending us messages all day and night long. We can see in the diverse life on Earth, and hear it all around us, urging us to remember that we are ONE. When we begin to realize who we really are……LOVE …..we cannot help but want to take better care of ourselves……our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of Being. And then that compassion spreads outward from our radiant hearts and moves as an energy out into the world affecting the vibrations of others to notice LOVE. And when we meet in the woods or on the street, we can know that we are all swimming in the same ocean of Spirit……assisting us in every moment to realize that we are all resting in the arms of Spirit always.

© Andrea Avari Stevens 2014

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