Set Aside Your Weary Seeking by Matt Licata

When was the last time you connected with the aliveness of your own body? When did you last lay your hands on your heart and attune to the vastness that you are? Turn now into the vibrant alive world of raw sensations which are transmitting heart-intelligence underneath the interpretive level of your experience. Stay there.

For just one moment, set aside your weary seeking—all the meditating, praying, and trying to change—the urgent movement to heal, forgive, accept, affirm, let go, awaken, and transform. Take just one sacred pause from all this, and behold the wisdom field that is your very presence.

It has been so busy lately—in the outer world of responsibility—as well as in the inner mandala of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, hopes, fears, and dreams. There is a weariness you are feeling, a call to return home.

Come home, friend. Come home to your body, your senses, and to the miracle of this life as it is. Everything you need is right here, right now, and is unfolding perfectly as the wild, untamed creativity of your immediate, embodied experience, exactly as it is.

Dare to see that no mistake has been made here and nothing needs fixing. There is only grace here, in both her sweet and her fierce expressions, in both her compassionate and wrathful embrace.

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