From Clarissa Pinkola Estes

“Most persons who have been through hell of various kinds—
war, massacre, assault, torture, profound sorrows, will tell that,
even though they still feel sick with the weight of it all, and perhaps
also ill with regrets of one kind or another—they are nevertheless
learning how to swim strong to reach the able raft of the
soul. Though there is something to be said for those rare heroes
and heroines who sit on the undisturbed shore enjoying the intense
beauty of the soulrise, I am more on the side of those who
must swim the torrents while crying out for help. In all, they are
striving hard not to drown before they can reach the safety of
the soul’s arms. And most who have been so deeply harmed will
tell you that, all the while they are swimming, they feel their
own soul is rowing toward them with the strongest, deepest of
strokes that can only come from One who loves without limits.”

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