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January: Promise of Creation by Nancy Brady

Recently I returned from a 7-day silent retreat in the desert. A secret beauty arises from desert ruggedness. Now, all of us have entered a time of life-affirming actions that bring hidden beauty out of wilderness.

This is a year ripe for pioneering new possibilities. The entire year will carry tremendous energy for action of all sorts. Our innermost resources and our intimate connection with the core of life aligns us in right action, timing and placement. The more often we turn our mind to listen to the quiet voice arising from silence within, the more on-track our outer life will be.

This month it’s time to prepare for a fuller movement that is arising through you, one that brings more beauty–your beauty–into this widely diverse world. You can do this most effectively when you are present and genuine. That means being in your body, awake and engaged.

Turning your mind inward in presence, noticing your heart andyour body’s energetics from the inside may seem like a passive non-action. In truth, it is a strong act of self-love. Meeting your body in simple, pure and nourishing ways helps you flourish as a living source of spirit on earth. You become an active gift in the world. The scale of the action is not the point. When you are in balance and harmony in yourself, you project that to others.

If a new freshness is dancing alive in your body and readying to dance into existence in the world, this month invites a self-honest act of paying attention, listening and being patient for the appropriate moments to engage. Pushing through in willfulness freezes your potential and skews results. If you recognize over-earnest tendencies to force things, can you drop below that habit into silence, and listen?

Life emerges from silence one moment to the next. So, too, does rich creativity and timeless beauty arise in You and through your body. Life’s promise is the promise of Creation bubbling into aliveness, perhaps boldly, perhaps in soft, exquisite vulnerability. In whatever manner life’s energy is moving in you, the opportunity this month is to be real. In silent moments of profound wakefulness and out-loud moments of quirky humanness, dare to end habits of needless suffering and rediscover the gift, promise and freedom of being authentically you!


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