“God As Essence” by AH Almaas

God as Essence
by A. H. Almaas

I was brought up, in a Muslim community, with a belief in God. There was a strong emphasis on the teachings of God, but I remember that I could not accept at face value what was taught to me. I felt that I needed to find out for myself what the nature of reality was, whether it was God, and what the true nature of God was.

At the beginning of my spiritual journey I became aware of the experience of what I now refer to as the “essence” of the human being. There was an arising within, experienced intimately and directly, of a living presence, a palpable feeling of a living, self-aware truth. For many years now, this presence has revealed itself within me as pure spiritual qualities, first the differentiated qualities of its presence, which include truth, awareness, spaciousness, love, compassion, joy, and contentment; then its undifferentiated pure presence of Being, which revealed the various subtleties inherent in its experience, both within and beyond concepts.

Soon after the beginning of my spiritual journey, I recognized that this presence exists, and is true, for every human being; that it is the essential nature of everyone, and, hence, it is independent from any one person’s history or life circumstance. Essence is something we are born with – our birthright. Essence is not something we have to work toward, for it is what we truly are. Therefore, a spiritual path is really one of removing the obstructions that disguise this essence.

This presence is a practical, day-to-day kind of experience, not something abstract or otherworldly. It has an innate intelligence that is beyond anyone’s mind. At first I didn’t exactly think of it as God, although I may have thought of it as the God within. Eventually, this presence revealed itself to be the inner nature of everything, and I began feeling more and more that this living conscious-ness, this pure essence of being, was God. I called it Truth, Reality, Being, or God.

In my experience, as I open myself to seeing the truth of who and what I am, God is a truth that reveals itself on its own. It is independent from anyone’s mind or preferences, and has always existed and always will exist inside each of us. God, for me, means experiencing the totality of all existence in its true nature and condition. This means perceiving the unity of all that can be perceived, all that can be seen, at all levels of reality, including all beings and everything that appears in experience. With God, nothing is separate from anything else. By this I don’t mean a scientific interconnectedness, but rather only one and single presence. This unity has perfection and beauty to it.

My experience is that we are all “one being.” There is no separate individual experiencing God. This conception of God means that my experience of myself as a separate individual does not truly exist. This does not mean that I am God, but instead, I, like everyone else, am part of the presence that is alive and conscious.

God can be seen in His beingness and God can be seen in His essence. They are slightly different, although they are inseparable. Beingness means actual nature, physical actuality of existence, perceived existence of God or the God presence. This is the totality of all that exists, all the universe including my physical body, your physical body, the telephone, the room, the air, the light, the sound – all as one reality, one presence, one body that is pure consciousness, intelligence, and love. But that one reality has an essence, an inner nature. I call it the essence of God. This is the absolute mystery, the dazzling beauty that is beyond existence and nonexistence, the timeless source of everything.

To truly find God, truth needs to be found independently from the opinions of others. The truth has to be found in our hearts; it has to be totally personal, totally in our inner aloneness. God is our inner core and is the core of everything. It is also the true guidance, which is always guiding us. If we are really interested in the truth we will find our own answers, because the truth reveals itself to the sincere heart as the guided unfolding of one’s essence.

Usually, what I teach is an earnest personal inquiry into the truth of one’s experiences, the truth of one’s mind, the truth of one’s consciousness, and the truth of reality. My experience is that reality is self-revealing. If we open ourselves to it, it will reveal its secrets to us. By sincerely inquiring about our experiences of ourselves and of the world, the resulting understanding itself will be the ever-expanding self-revelation of the mystery of existence.

The process of opening up to the God presence is a continuing one. I don’t think of myself as having arrived at the final, ultimate truth. I feel that my experience is still limited and probably always will be, but will continue to grow and change. I do not see my experience of what God is or how to reach God as necessarily the final or the only way. I don’t claim that kind of knowledge, nor do I know if anyone can. To me, that kind of knowledge is something that reveals itself over time. I do know that the moment essence is recognized as one’s being, one’s essential nature, and experienced as such, a radical transformation occurs. One’s life and experiences of God will never be the same. No longer will God be experience d as something we were taught to believe in, but rather as something we can truly experience each moment of our lives.

From “For the Love of God” edited by Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shield © 1990. Reprinted with permission of New World Library, Novato, CA 94949 (Taken from AH Alimaas’ website)

Judging by Zig Ziglar

“Don’t judge me by my past,

I don’t live there anymore.”

Zig Ziglar



Rumi Rocks

You have no idea how hard I’ve looked
for a gift to bring You.
Nothing seemed right.
What’s the point of bringing gold to
the gold mine, or water to the ocean.
Everything I came up with was like
taking spices to the Orient.
It’s no good giving my heart and my
soul because you already have these.
So I’ve brought you a mirror.
Look at yourself and remember me.


From Part of a Blog Post from Ram Dass at Ramdass.org

“Carl Jung said in his eulogy of Richard Wilhelm who translated the I Ching, he said “it takes somebody who is willing to give up the Western predisposing perceptual framework sufficiently to experience another orientation toward the universe to be able to know what needs to be known outside of one’s own system.” You have to give it up first. And what I felt is that there has been a surrender of my Western model of who I am and how it all works, and at the moment I don’t have the desire yet to bring it back into science or to know I know. I am a student, I am a beginning student in this whole process. And as I understand it, finally, one teaches by one’s being- it isn’t what you say or what you understand, it’s the state of your own existence and what gets communicated to another being. In other words it’s not what you say, but what you are.”

Great Happiness by Krishnamurti

There is great happiness in not wanting, in not being something, in not going somewhere. 

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

This Inspiration is from Caroline de Lisser via Wild Woman Sisterhood on FB

She is Maiden, Mother and Crone
In one…

You will recognize her because she
makes genuine eye contact with whomever she meets…
She is not afraid to be direct and honest about how she feels

She charts her own course
And is willing to meet whatever comes
Because she has faith in her journey
She’s aware of her own strength

She delights in enabling the wellbeing and the empowerment of others
But she refuses to subject herself to energy drainers…
She sees through bullshit instantly
She knows how to protect herself

She is obedient to her own inner knowing,
She is willing to break the rules made by others
in order to be authentic to herself

Her truth comes directly through her heart
She uses her mind as the servant to manifest it

She is inwardly and outwardly aware
She responds more than she reacts
She no longer waters illusory drama
She no longer feels the need to control what is

She is deeply connected to her creative source
She is her own work of art in progress
She can create beauty from whatever is in front of her

She is in tune with her intuition and instinctual body
She lives in the present
Because she is willing to relinquish the past
And allow the future the space it needs to unfold

She understands that life is an ever changing flow from one moment to the next…
She willingly goes with it.

She feels deeply connected to the earth and stays close to nature,
She recognizes that she is not separate from it…
Being connected to nature is essential for her health and wellbeing

She has simplified her life
Released the non-essentials so that she can be spacious and free

She values her aloneness,
She waters her soul with it
But she also
values quality time with like minded souls

She doesn’t need a man to complete her
Her relationships are on an equal basis of respect and sharing
Unbridled sensual pleasure…

She has no time for gossip
She’s invested in raising the sisterhood up rather than cutting it down

She celebrates the beauty and power in other women
She celebrates the beauty and power within herself

She is just as willing to receive as she is to give
She fills her own cup for herself and overflows it for others

She understands the futility of unsolicited advice
So she shares her wisdom through living it

She envisions the healing of the world
She offers her gifts as a contribution towards it

Love is her religion
Unity is her gospel
Laughter is her grace

She loves to play through her inner child
Sing and dance through her inner maiden
She nurtures her body mind and spirit daily through her inner mother

Others seek her for her wisdom
Are irresistibly drawn to her unpredictable mystery

They feel seen and accepted in her steady gaze…
Peaceful in her sacred space

They are shocked by her irreverent humor
But secretly inspired, uplifted,
Given permission to be themselves

She is Maiden, Mother and Crone
In one
She is Goddess

Caroline de Lisser

At the Pace of What is Real by Mark Nepo

At The Pace Of What Is Real

If courageous enough, we might
just slow to the pace of creation,
where the pulse by which the mind thinks
touches the pulse by which the heart feels,
and together they equal the rhythm of miracle,
where being plays in exact motion
with all being.
~ Mark Nepo

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