How We Roll

We can only learn and advance with contradictions. The faithful inside should meet the doubtful. The doubtful should meet the faithful. Human slowly advances and becomes mature when he accepts his contradictions.

~ Shams Tabrizi ♥♥

From Oriah Mountain Dreamer

“Years ago I heard someone quote the Zen master Suzuki Roshi as saying, ‘We don’t need to learn to let go. We just need to recognize what is already gone.’ This is the reality we must face in every moment: the reality of impermanence, the reality of continual change, the reality of loss as part of a human life and the reality of our own mortality. No two moments of ‘now’ are same. It’s not that we lack the ability to be present. It is that we move away from the present moment in our desire to deny or at least minimize the experience of change and loss that is life. In our war with the reality of impermanence we move away from the our own experience in this moment and so loose access to that which can take us to the essential and infinite stillness within that sustains us even when those losses are painful.” ~Oriah Mountain Dreamer from The Call May we be with the present moment today- with its losses and blossoming, its joys and sorrows- letting our connection to what is sustain us with each breath.

Excerpt from newsletter for May

Feeling the Questions May 2013
Hello Everyone and happy May!

As I tuned into the energy of May and prepared to write this energy update I felt the richness of how continual transformation is fresh every day. Many of the same words apply in these updates each month, yet so much is entirely new in ways that can’t be anticipated or fully expressed.

Regardless of how planetary energy is moving, I offer this monthly communication to provide a time to stop, acknowledge and honor your self. Beyond the information contained in the newsletter, it is an opportunity to feel into what is true for you. Feeling into things provides a fuller meaning than words convey.

In May, start where you are and stay in concert with life’s deeper intelligence. Live close to the inner spirit of life that is arising as sound, movement and form. Commitment to a feeling path will support you to recognize the ever-present cooperation between spirit and form. This yields rich rewards of clarity and deeper understanding.

May’s energy supports fertile realizations and new opportunities as growing internal power anchors and strengthens foundations. Creative manifesting is rapid and growing more so. Favorable changes are gathering momentum and revealing new forms of wisdom and values. This month, as eclipses obscure light, can you tune your eyes and ears to your heart and discover something to love that arises through darkness?

It is a fact that living includes ups and downs. Trying to fix or control circumstances against the flow of life keeps an inner war going. It’s this inward war, reflected outward, that seeds difficulty and pain. Rather than continue to manifest reasons for a personal war, can you surrender and let peace reign inside you? Can you let your inner sovereignty inform your decisions?

When acts of violence occur in the world, can you stay consciously present rather than react unconsciously? Can you meet your tender vulnerability and not see it as helplessness? Can you feel genuine compassion for your self and for all humanity and act from there?

Gain and loss are partners. Can you allow openings and closings? Welcoming this productive flow calls for following the lines of least resistance. This usually feels good, but not always. Can you let go of how you think it should occur? Much is coming into play that will lift you into advancement of your goals. The changeability of life is certain. Saying yes to the questions above–and to life–sets your energy into aligned forward motion.

If your personality is mentally or emotionally oriented, feeling offers balance and support of your natural expression so you can manifest with clarity. So whether you are skipping forward or tripping over unexpected corners, staying present in a felt-sense provides a sturdy foundation that supports your nervous system to update and make current choices in today’s world. This natural link into your true Self, into your heart, and into the heart of life is vital as the nature of being human continues to evolve.
What It Is
The word feeling is sometimes misunderstood. The feeling sense mentioned above is not an emotion and is not about getting in touch with your feelings. It is an encompassing, grounding, holistic, sensory experience that clarifies and prompts whole-being shifts and deeper knowing. It tends to feel vague at first then it becomes intimately familiar, like you have known it forever. And you have known it forever because as you feel deeper you discover your Self.

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