Change Your Heart by Shams Tabrizi

This world is like a mountain.
Your Echo depends on you.
If you scream good things, the world will give it back.
If you scream bad things, the world will give it back.
Even if someone says badly about you, speak well about him.
Change Your Heart to change the World.

~ Shams Tabrizi

Talking About Love with Rumi

When Love comes suddenly and taps
on your window, run and let it in but first
shut the door of your reason.
Even the smallest hint chases love away
like smoke that drowns the freshness
of the morning breeze.
To reason Love can only say,
the way is barred, you can’t pass through
but to the lover it offers a hundred blessings.
Before the mind decides to take a step
Love has reached the seventh heaven.
Before the mind can figure how
Love has climbed the Holy Mountain.
I must stop this talk now and let
Love speak from its nest of silence.


Healing Into Oneness

We would want you to remember that there is no such thing as death.  This IS but an experience to expand your heart space to include all that is.  Yes, that includes the stuff you don’t really want to include, the things you consider to be negative, want to forget.  There is no negative or positive.  It just is.  It all is perfect for our experience.  When we embrace it all….by being mindful, forgiving, transforming, accepting, appreciating, loving……it is soul work!  It is only heavy lifting in the beginning and in those times when we lose our balance.  Every cycle around the bend becomes more easily accessed in our awareness; we use our tools of alchemy, and expand into a lighter consciousness having healed the blockages around our higher awareness.  Eventually, even the tools are not needed……we just live in that awareness that touches the energy of wounding and it is light.

Every time we heal on a personal level, we are putting that healing light into the matrix of our world.  We are all connected by the light that sustains us and as we offer our healing into love energies into that matrix….it assists others to find their light within and to elevate us all in consciousness levels.  Blessings to us all for we are unique beings always connected as One Love.

copyright 2013 Andrea Avari Stevens

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