Morning Messages from Peggy Black and The Team

There has been a heart call from all starhumans aware of their connection to the galaxy. They have reached out and requested assistance and support on this stage of physical reality. Their conscious request has been heard, and much is being offered from the convergence of the highest and most holy vibrations in the universe.
==The important message to remember is that each single physical human has the opportunity to transform the drama being played out on your earth stage. The key is the willingness to accept that you are a multidimensional starhuman. It is the willingness and the heartfelt request to awaken, from the unconscious slumber and numbness that is locked in place, to own your personal power.
==This is the invitation we offer this morning: With every breath you take, realize that you are Light, you are needed, and it is time for you to be fully awake. It is your every vibration…your every thought that is projected into the matrix of the energy field of planet earth. You must continue to ask yourself, “Does this word, thought, action, feeling add to the light of the world, or does it add to the dysfunction of the world?”
==Each starhuman arrives with the skills and abilities to offer awesome solutions, wondrous gifts to the global unfoldment.
==Remember it is vibration. Be diligent and strong in your resolve to radiate and vibrate the highest and the best that is within you. Watch how your weakness is triggered and activated. Be aware of how easily manipulated you are by your insecurities and fears.
==Your job is to heal and transform the aspect of fear that you personally carry. Your job is to recognize and honor the highest aspect of your divine self.
==There is a matrix of consciousness, which is either strengthened or weakened by your own personal vibration and energy field.
==Each starhuman is responsible to reach out to others in whatever way feels natural, appropriate, and correct…offering their Light of awareness and the opportunity and portal for expansion and awakening within the other. This might be done by example alone. This might be done with words written or spoken. This might be done with work on the inner planes. You will know your role.
==Remember you are an important part of this unfolding. Each starhuman carries a code that is needed by many to trigger their own realization. This is not work beloved; this is a gift that you offer to the other. Each encounter holds the auspicious moment in which codes and activation take place between both beings. When you and others are vibrating at your highest and most inspirited frequency, this is when the opening is available to lift any lower vibrations within another human.
==There is assistance being offered to earth from the starfamily, the planets, the great central sun, the holiest of holy, the divine mind of the creator. We invite you and other awakened starhumans to hold the anchor and focus for these energetic gifts that are being showered upon you as we speak.
==So we say once again: Be in your joy, for it is your vibration of joy that allows the most absorbance of the energetic gifts. Joy, gratitude, and appreciation are the doorway…portal…path to your total divine evolution and expansion. Anything else that is unlike joy, gratitude, and appreciation must be discarded, for it does not serve the highest and the best in your life and the global hologame.
thw ‘team’

thank you for supporting the Morning Messages reaching more and more people.
I would appreciate is you would add the link so others could sign up to receive these messages free.


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