The Christ Energy

” As it is understood there is the necessity for the human mind to have an identification, so the word Christ or Christos was given unto this energy that is that which is a masterful energy that allows for full healings, awakenings and connectivity to God in a direct way. It allows for one to be fully aware of their abilities, shamanically speaking for some that is a way of understanding, that ones can create and manifest miraculously within their life experience and assist others to do such. It is a full expression, in your human body, in your human experience, to be realized and accepted. It is not about the questioning of ‘why me’, ‘the unworthiness of this cannot be so’, ‘I’m not good enough.’ Of course you are good enough, you are lovable enough. The gift of incarnation was your soul’s choosing. And it is the energies of God or Source that are being experienced through the physical structure. Just as the master Jesus embodied this energetic field that created the miraculous, that created an alignment, an attunement to source to the oneness of all. It is the energy of which Christ melded with to do the miracles that were done. And all master healers, master teachers from times before and times now are vibrating at that frequency. It is the frequency of masterhood, it is the frequency of alignment and attunement to the soul, to the divineness of your being to be expressed. ” – THEO

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