Christmas and A Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson

December 24, 2010

Christmas and A Course in Miracles

It’s Christmas Eve Day, and millions of people all over the world are pondering the meaning of the birth of Christ. For many, the birth of the historical Jesus is the main point of the story. For others, Christmas carries a meaning far beyond one man born two thousand years ago. Christmas in the deepest sense is the celebration of his birth inside us all.

He was a man yes, but also more than that. He is but one name for our shared identity, our oneness not only with each other but with God Himself. The Christ within Jesus was the Light that exists within us all; the difference between him and us, according to A Course in Miracles, is that he has fully actualized the potential that exists inside each one of us.

He is Internal Teacher, Transformer of Perception, Comforter, Elder Brother and Friend. Does Jesus save? Actually, he does. For the only thing to be saved from in this world is our own insanity. Every problem in the world is a result of our NOT having actualized our spiritual potential; he, as our Elder Brother, has been assigned the task of helping move us forward into the light of our own true being.

Some people today have difficulty with the word “Jesus;” it is acknowledged in the Course itself that “some bitter idols have been made of him who came only to be brother to the world.” Yet Jesus was his name. Perhaps the name is less to be avoided and more to be reclaimed — for the extraordinary light it carries and the profound wisdom it conveys. In ACIM, it says that the word “Jesus” spoken in any language automatically reminds the mind of our oneness with God.

If he’s born anywhere, he is born in us. When we are angry, we can give birth to our gentleness. When we are sorrowful, we can give birth to joy. When we are at war, we can birth to peace. Jesus represents our highest hopes, for ourselves and for the world, because he represents who we were created to be, who we can be, and who in some miraculous way, we shall be. More than that, he can help us get there.

He is not the name on the door for everyone, but if his name is on your door, you know it. And for those of who have see his name on the door of their own hearts, Christmas is a wondrous phenomenon indeed. On this day, by celebrating him, we are celebrating the extraordinary possibility and ultimate certitude that we ourselves will see the light, we will embrace the light, and ultimately we will become the light.

And all will be well.

Merry Christmas, and love to all the world…

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