A Prayer

Dear Divine Essence:

My desire, my priority is inner peace.  I want the experience of deep universal Love.  I don’t know what would bring that to me.  I leave the process of self-realization to your energetically transforming healing.   I trust in the process of life always deepening into Higher Consciousness.  I know that the qualities of my compassionate soul draw to me that which perfectly teaches me to love myself and all else in infinite expansion. I know that as my light shines more brilliantly…..so does the world.  The greed and corruption, lies and deception…..all forms of fear of surrendering to Love……..will gradually dissolve into the higher vibrations of compassion, cooperation and love as we each learn to walk our talk in healing our wounded hearts.   May grace surround us in our courageous transformations.

I continually beam my light to all the people and events of the world to join with their light as we realize who we truly are.  I am so very grateful that we are One in the core of our Being.




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