Some days we just wake up and don’t feel very good.  There is a certain anxiety in the air and it is vibrating through the cells of our bodies.  We can’t put our finger on the source; the uneasy feeling kind of feeling swirls all around us.  We might be a little edgy with those around us……quick to jump to conclusions…..a tad sharp in our responses.  We know it is happening but we seem to be caught up in the flow of it.

If we allow ourselves to just sit quietly for a moment…taking a deep breath in and then releasing it….and then again and again……recognition of a type of thinking begins to surface from the depths.  We are talking down to ourselves internally.  We did something wrong…….we should have done something differently……we should have known…….why didn’t we?……if only……..what if?……..all these statements direct us to a degree of fear that is resonating within us.

Spending time intellectualizing each statement and rationalizing the answers will not bring us peace in our hearts.  We just need to bring the energy of compassion to ourselves.   Compassion is the vibration of understanding without conditions, loving what is, allowing whatever to just be.  We need to remember that compassion is an energy that is always available to us.  All we have to do is to direct our awareness to it and it is us instantaneously.  We swim in the loving energy, letting it permeate all cells of ourselves.

The ego hops in and wants to fix it but that is a temporary fix.  If we struggle holding onto the high vibration of compassionate energy, we visualize Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Isis, Shakti, in all their nurturing beauty of openness and allowance.  We see them in their total embrace of everything…….everything…..including us with warts and all…… as complete and total loving understanding.  The compassionate energy instantly vaporizes the fear.

We are left with quiet mind; the desire to figure it all out has disappeared.  We only know peace and love in our hearts.  We can feel that all truly is well.  We don’t have to know the hows and whys of it all…it just is.  As we practice…..we remember to bring our awareness to the beautiful vibration of compassion surrounding and permeating us more often.  The practice becomes a habit in evermore present moments as we realize a loving heart is always with us.  That heart is our heart.  We can live there.


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