The Ultimate Surrender: Death

“In My Beginning is my End.”            T.S. Eliot

One of my favorite things to do is to find an old cemetery and spend a leisurely few hours wandering up and down the weedy, grassy paths.   The new ones just aren’t the same.  The art and creativity of the old cemeteries far surpass the rectangular pieces of properly engraved granite that pass as high tribute to the incredible lives that were lived here on Earth.

The old cemeteries have character and remind you that the energy linked to that particular name and date was, in itself, exquisitely unique…….like no other.  The gravestones are piled up as though reaching upward to God.  Angels and bugles and scrolls and vines call out the vibration in name of the person called Home.  Some of the monuments are so old that they, too, are dying.  Some seem as though they have not been visited in decades and then, out of nowhere, a fresh flower has been laid carefully by the headstone.

Some remains lay side by side as families, some are intertwined as couples, some go it alone without any apologies.  Some of the messages are direct:  lived and died and done.   Many express love and the hope to meet again.  And one of my favorites …….”Capitalism killed him.”

For some of us, there is no dying in concrete terms.  It is but the transformation of energy.  We understand death to be an illusion.  Crossing over could be called the ultimate surrender.  However, in every moment we are called to commit to surrendering.  When we give up dictating how life ‘should’ be, lifting our limiting belief systems, we expand into higher consciousness. 

Every time we make a choice to release some degree of control over life, we surrender.  Releasing control might engender the idea that we become powerless by doing so but the idea is that we are powerless trying to control whatever it is.  When we let go, it doesn’t necessarily go away…..we accept that it is there instead of fighting it.  This doesn’t mean that we become passive and do nothing about the situation.  We become empowered to become more clear in listening to our intuition, enhancing our problem solving skills, and taking appropriate action or knowing when not to take action.

In all things, we see not the “Big Picture.”  As human beings we live in uncertainty veiled from the view of our Higher Self.  Even though we try……..there is never a way to know the totality of what is coming our way…the lessons and the benefits, if we are willing to learn, of that lesson.

When someone we know is dying in present time, it calls all of us to the sacred teaching of this momentous occurrence.  We are co-creating this experience together.  As we stand by in companionship and compassion, we witness the surrender of the dying, the allowance and acceptance of what is.  And so we are taught as well……those who are actively dying teach us with a radiating luminescence that lights our own way to a deeper level of acceptance of life and ourselves as it is.  We face surrender with an open heart of courage and compassion in each present moment.  And we give gratitude.



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