Being That Which We Desire


So as we look back on 2009…….we can be in awe of all the changes that have occurred both externally and internally………Theo reminds us to focus on what we have learned and how we have grown through all the year’s challenges.  Often we repeatedly direct our attention to what we haven’t accomplished or what didn’t go right……..especially when times are harsh, we are called to accept all parts of ourselves even more deeply…….but if we remember to look closely, we can see all the beautiful places of new world growth in terms of global connection and awareness with new creative solutions manifesting from all quarters of the planet.

We can also look within to see the amazing new areas of growth and unlimited potential within ourselves.  Old, outdated thought patterns and relationships that no longer serve us have dropped away allowing space for a higher vibration of less struggle and more trust in our process.

Congratulations to us all for every step we have taken this year!!

Our consciousness integration occurs when we say……YES……to explore deeply whatever comes into our field of awareness…….not to run away in resistance.  All this new growth is a result of love’s invitations to stretch ourselves into new belief systems of deeper connection to our essence and out onto the edge of co-creation.

Every time we choose love over any degree of fear……….a new leaf of ourselves unfolds into its infinite beauty.  May we all move gently through the transformation of our lessons in 2010……..’being’ that which we desire so greatly.   Andrea

Dancing in the Streets

Every day one must dance, even if only in thought.
Rabbi Nachman of Breslov
So if you haven’t already danced today……..or want to keep on dancing……here is your chance…….your choice or both……….you can get up and get moving and shake it…… gratitude of
‘All That Is’
you can also hold the cellular celebration within your inner vision
dancing with all the elements of your beautiful Self
through the trees, up the mountain slopes, across the seashore, in the streets
the pure joy of just Being in this precious moment…..
Take that moment and rejoice!   Andrea
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Collective Love

We know the power of collective hate,
but we’re just beginning
to realize
the power of collective love.
Add to the collective love daily.
Marianne Williamson
Sometimes we are running so fast in our lives that we forget to just sit quietly for a few moments and to hold the vision of the world in our awareness, surrounding it totally with love.   Let’s see how often we can add to the collective pot of love each day………..Andrea


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