Taking for Granted

“When each day is the same as the next,
it’s because people fail to recognize the good things happening in their lives everyday;
that the sun rises………..”
Paulo Coelho

What is the subtle, seemingly innocuous energy that sucks degrees of passion and appreciation out of relationships and attitudes?

Taking It All for Granted....otherwise known as complacency…..that’s the sneaky stuff that seeps in and builds up before we even realize it is there.  It begins to form clouds over our view of the awe and wonder around and within us.
If somedays our lives seems like “Groundhog Day All Over Again.”……..full of boredom and blahs…..we can make a choice to WAKE UP and remember that we are forgetting to focus on the gifts, the incredible miracles of life……large and tiny and all in between. ……and to appreciate each and every wonderful happening in our days from moment to moment …….every single day, no matter what.

Consider trying this: every morning and every night……write out or share with a friend……5 things for which you are grateful….and don’t repeat any of the gratitudes for a week or more……what we focus on expands……..the beautiful habit of gratitude and appreciation can burst open our inner doors to the heartfelt joy of just ‘Being’………….Andrea




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