The Greatest Gift

“The worst loss you’ve ever experienced
the greatest gift you can have.”
Byron Katie
Byron Katie gives us some food for thought……for certain………how we allow ourselves to recognize this ‘greatest gift’ is the degree to which we choose not to be victims of life.  When we have had the luxury of time to process some of our life happenings and to move out of the perspective of the victim mode, we can see how in some way……..the gifts cracked open our hearts to both receive and to give more love……to ourselves and to others…..a greater awareness of self and a deeper appreciation of life.  Richard Bach had a similar quote that said something like “every problem has a gift for you in its hands.”  Moving out of the problem and focusing on the solution means we let go of struggle and embrace the opportunity to grow into higher consciousness.  Sometimes we forget and we get lost in our ‘stuff’.  We forget to be in connection with the ever present light within us……….this week…….let’s remember to remember what we already know in our hearts… is what we are………..
May we all be open to finding the gifts in our lives……..Andrea
copyright 2009 Andrea Avari Stevens


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