The Mystical Merchandisers

“Within these premises, the only thing one can be is an impeccable mediator. One is not the player in this cosmic match of chess, one is simply a pawn on the chessboard. What decides everything is a conscious impersonal energy that sorcerers call intent or the Spirit.”
Carlos Castaneda

Realize that nothing is personal-the universe is acting through you.

Deepak Chopra

The Mystical Merchandisers of quick spirituality are getting on my nerves.  (Not really, but it seemed  like a good opening sentence).  But it can be truly annoying if you attach to the situation.  And, all right, sometimes I do.

Take for example, the marketplace mania over The Law of Attraction and the practice of Positive Thinking. The focus is on hope for the future as though we don’t have what we need right now.  And we do. But neither practice seems to encourage the practice of self-inquiry in the Now.  All we need right this present moment is already within us.  If we keep looking beyond the power of the present, then we are missing our daily lessons.

Like attracts like. Higher vibration qualities of love, compassion, gratitude, act like a magnet pulling similar vibrations toward them. That’s why we need to be the person we want to attract…….because we attract the level of consciousness that we are presently.    For example, if we are in the habit of taking care of people’s feelings we will attract someone who needs their feelings protected.  If we honor doing our own healing work through self-inquiry, then we will attract someone who holds self-responsibility as a value.

Many products are being advertised today which guarantee that they will bring us peace and happiness and success and soulmates and cars and money and whatever.  ‘Our lives will be changed’ if we just take this workshop or this course or whatever.  And when we don’t do it just right and get what we ‘intended’ then we get frustrated and lose hope that we are capable of manifesting.  Maybe another teacher or product or mantra will help us get what we so desperately want.

But who is the one who is wanting?  If we remember that most probably it is our ego- personality- self that is wanting these things, then our ego is talking to itself in terms of lower vibrations.  It was Einstein who said something like you ‘can’t solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it.’

The ego (when it no longer reacts with fear) is an energy that can work in unison with the higher vibrations of our higher awareness  The higher awareness is an energy in connection with Spirit.  The clearer our connection to our higher awareness is, the more the ego is able to move into action to fulfill that loved-based desire in the physical world.  But if we are trying to manifest from a level of thinking that has a degree of fear in it…….then that is what we will attract.  If we don’t inquire into that fear, then we are likely to continue creating from that level.

Ego intentions are limited by definition.  The spiritual energy of Love is what is calling us forth to raise our vibration in every moment.  Love does so by calling our bluff about every belief tainted with fear that we carry.  Only the ones based in Love remain.  And with each realization we move closer to realizing who we truly are.

What if we consider our lives to be our own personal meditation rather than someone else’s experience?  Every relationship and every event which touches our lives is an invitation to shed the unloving beliefs of some degree of fear that we still carry.  Slowly, over time we are stripped clean… nothingness..because the cleansing of the clouds of fear leaves nothing but what is…only the highest vibration of Love.

When we do our own work of healing the multiple ‘onion’ layers of fear that cloud and cover our higher awareness, then Spirit’s intention for our lives becomes more clear.  We feel Spirit’s flow through us as a deep passion or longing that we know so well in our hearts.  It is an expression of our unique creativity, not something to just make us feel better.  By acceptance of our lessons in our lives we embrace them with courage and compassion.  We begin to trust that Spirit brings us what we need for our highest learning. All we need is flowing through us right in this present moment.  The power to change is NOW.  Having gratitude for those gifts directly increases our awareness of is divinely provided to us.

But in the meantime, we keep buying products that hypnotize us into thinking that we will discover the ‘The Answer Behind the Secret Behind the Secret’.  Or, we become students of another person’s experience, not our own.  This keeps us in a cycle of living someone else’s interpretation of their perspective on life.  And we continue making intentions from our unhealed and clouded egos which sets us up for a longer and convoluted path to ourselves.

Instead we could follow our own unique paths by:  1.  creating more times of silence for ourselves by quieting our minds (moving out of survival thinking) and focusing on our breathing; 2.  creating a compassionate space to hold our emotions as we love all aspects of ourselves; 3.  learning to trust the process of life by experiencing the spaciousness of higher consciousness as we sit or walk or create, quietly; 4.  listening for the resonance of our intuition as we experience this heart space; 5.  having gratitude for what we do have now in this present moment; 6.  taking an action step that resonates with our hearts in order to move toward manifestation.

The energy that we try to describe with so many names and yet remains nameless….including ‘God’…… pure Love and is pulling us like a magnet to uncover our own individual core of Love so that we are uniquely creating in the present moment.   That moment is when we are flowing with Spirit, the energy of creative intention to manifest Love in all its nonphysical and physical dimensions.  When we realize who we truly are, it isn’t a question of being good enough or deserving it………we are it.

But then the Mystics of Merchandizing wouldn’t have any customers because we would all be following the gifts of our unique pathway of our lives to Oneness.  The stillness of the market place would be very powerful for each of us individually and for our world.  We could all be deepening our connection with the joys and lessons in our personal meditations that are our lives.  We could remember that the gift of our lives is the moment by moment experience of deep self-inquiry as we realize our True Nature, Spirit flowing through us.  Having the courage to live our unique paths brings us the joy of awareness that we are all the same in essential vibration……..just different costumes on the outside.

©2009 Andrea Avari Stevens, Ph.D.

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  1. Success
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 16:38:13

    Through our emotions we find out what we are thinking, and how we are vibrating. The future happens in the present.
    I am feeling really good right now.


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