Don’t Take Anything Personally

image.php (10)“Don’t Take Anything Personally.
Nothing others do is because of you.
What others say and do is a projection of their own reality,
their own dream.
When you are immune to the opinions of others,
you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”
Don Miguel Ruiz

Well, here’s a great reminder of how we can choose to create our own pain……..believing that someone else can define who we are……trusting our own identity to someone else’s reality…….yikes………how could that ever be a good thing?
……. and yet there are times when we easily fall into that mud puddle….. and more often than we would hope….
……..we all have our times when we forget who we really are and slosh around in the scummy pond of ‘Judgmental Opinions’. 
But that’s OK because we are getting better and better at recognizing the feeling when we are giving away our power.  It doesn’t feel good to be a victim but it certainly gets our attention…..this suffering thing……..So we wake up and climb out of that  messy level of consciousness.  We take responsibility and accept what is…….we don’t have to like it……but if we accept it and realize that someone’s opinion is a product of their own particular life influences and filters that are special to their unique perspective…………..and what does that have to do with us?  Nothing.  At all.
And instead of being defensive and protective of ourselves, we allow others to have their own reality……instead of trying to argue or manipulate them to see it our way.  It is theirs, not ours… we give the energy back to them graciously. And the charge for us dissolves and we are no longer held hostage. Now we are free to examine the opinion without any emotional jolt.  We can see if it holds any truth that we can use in our evolution…….maybe……maybe not…….now we can see straight through to it because we are not busy resisting it.

…….we have freed ourselves to move along into the next present moment.  We need no one’s approval but our own.  A beautiful week devoted to letting go of suffering……Andrea
copyright 2009 Andrea Avari Stevens

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Slowing Our Roll

image.php (9)“The soul requires duration of time
……rich, thick, deep, velvety time
……and it thrives on rhythm.
Soul can’t be hurried or harried ….
We may go through many events in the day
and experience nothing
because the soul has not had the opportunity
to feel them from many different points of view.”

Robert Sardello

Oooooh……I love the ooziness of this quote…….velvety, expansive time in cycles of movement experiencing from multiple perspectives……..that is the energy of our soul…….flowing with the encompassing transforming texture of each moment…….being with each moment that we experience thoroughly and completely….the soul awareness energy wrapping itself around and through….going deeply and joyously expanding into the opportunities presented…….

and so what happens to this process when we are running from thought to thought, situation to situation with nary a breath in between………hurry, don’t be late, try to squeeze a little bit more in, impatient with life unfolding, angry when things don’t go our way, trying to make ourselves feel worthy with our many ‘doings’……..but when when we are in the zone and centered moving within our moments…..our soul has time to experience the experience of ourselves and that is where our ahahs come in…..insights and understandings…..intuitions are heard…….because our souls, our self awarenesses, have time to explore.  So let’s take a breath or five and slow our roll this week……and drink deeply from the cup of the soul in present time…….Andrea

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“Every positive change –
every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness –
involves a rite of passage.
Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution,
we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation.
I have never found an exception.”
Dan Millman
So….here is Dan reminding us that for every positive elevation to higher consciousness we make…….there is a period of some degree of chaos, confusion, uncertainty, a relative level of general ‘suckiness’ preceding it……..we have to disorganize the old energy of habitual behaviors and beliefs and hold onto ourselves in that insecurity as we move into the new energetic state that is unfamiliar to us……..and as we hold onto ourselves through the rocket ride……we begin to open our eyes to a brand new perspective of ourselves that is just another step closer in our journey to realize inner peace, self-love, and trust of our inner essence. And we say…aaaaaaah…..we see the process now…….and the next time we are ready to make that leap to higher realms…….we say OK……we know this energy of uncertainty transforming into new awareness and we can relax our grip and fly just a little bit lighter each time……..may we all soar in flight this week…….Andrea
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The Mystical Merchandisers

“Within these premises, the only thing one can be is an impeccable mediator. One is not the player in this cosmic match of chess, one is simply a pawn on the chessboard. What decides everything is a conscious impersonal energy that sorcerers call intent or the Spirit.”
Carlos Castaneda

Realize that nothing is personal-the universe is acting through you.

Deepak Chopra

The Mystical Merchandisers of quick spirituality are getting on my nerves.  (Not really, but it seemed  like a good opening sentence).  But it can be truly annoying if you attach to the situation.  And, all right, sometimes I do.

Take for example, the marketplace mania over The Law of Attraction and the practice of Positive Thinking. The focus is on hope for the future as though we don’t have what we need right now.  And we do. But neither practice seems to encourage the practice of self-inquiry in the Now.  All we need right this present moment is already within us.  If we keep looking beyond the power of the present, then we are missing our daily lessons.

Like attracts like. Higher vibration qualities of love, compassion, gratitude, act like a magnet pulling similar vibrations toward them. That’s why we need to be the person we want to attract…….because we attract the level of consciousness that we are presently.    For example, if we are in the habit of taking care of people’s feelings we will attract someone who needs their feelings protected.  If we honor doing our own healing work through self-inquiry, then we will attract someone who holds self-responsibility as a value.

Many products are being advertised today which guarantee that they will bring us peace and happiness and success and soulmates and cars and money and whatever.  ‘Our lives will be changed’ if we just take this workshop or this course or whatever.  And when we don’t do it just right and get what we ‘intended’ then we get frustrated and lose hope that we are capable of manifesting.  Maybe another teacher or product or mantra will help us get what we so desperately want.

But who is the one who is wanting?  If we remember that most probably it is our ego- personality- self that is wanting these things, then our ego is talking to itself in terms of lower vibrations.  It was Einstein who said something like you ‘can’t solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it.’ More

Nothing Outside of Ourselves

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“As we grow in higher consciousness,
we discover that it is more important to be the right person
than to find the right person.”

good reminder for all of us who might entertain the thought that peace and happiness exist anywhere but inside ourselves………self-inquiry is a process that can bring us to a deeper degree of self-awareness in being the right person for ourselves.  A great book to read on the self-inquiry process is Richard Moss’s…….”The Mandala of Being”……love it!  Give extra nurturing to that person in the mirror this week.    Andrea

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