Unconditional Gentleness

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“Unconditional confidence really means unconditional gentleness,
and yes,
we can train so that we are gentle with ourselves in the face of whatever is happening.”
Pema Chodron
Wow……what a great definition of the process of being confident……we are confident because we are unconditionally gentle with ourselves no matter what.  It is the ‘no matter what’ that challenges us.  We can do it some times and with some things but when the pedal hits the metal…….we can fall right off the gentleness train. So let’s bring this reminder more deeply into our awareness…….no matter what…….we can ask ourselves…..am I being my very own best friend right now?  Andrea

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You are the Diamond!

IL_LowRez_8.5x11_72dpi“You wander from room to room

Hunting for the diamond necklace

That is already around your neck!”

— Jalal-Uddin Rumi

Aren’t we funny creatures?  Sometimes we think some teacher has the answer for us, some new material thing will make us finally happy, some relationship or job will make it all ok, or whatever…….and all the time it was US that we were looking for……….our inner Essence is what makes our hearts smile.  And it doesn’t matter how many heartbeats it takes to get us there…….all that matters is that we slow down, become quiet and connect with our deepest Self.  Doesn’t cost a cent, no travel time, no luggage to pack, no clubs to join……it is always within us…..just waiting for us to awaken.  How very cool!  Have a dazzling week, you beautiful diamonds.  Andrea

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Let the Love Flow……

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Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers
within yourself that you have built against it.

This quote reminds us of so many things……
that we tend to seek for love outside of ourselves
but love is always trying to flow through us….
all we have to do is recognize the clever blocks our personality-self puts up as a barrier to love
and why wouldn’t we welcome love…..?
we fear to open our hearts and become vulnerable to surrender
our fears protect us….we think……but not really……
so let’s get to work and recognize the barrier belief systems that hold us back
and let the love flow!   Andrea
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Be water.
If you pour water in a cup,
it takes the shape of the cup …
be fluid.
– Jay-Z
Aaaaah, Jay-Z shows another side of himself………. I love his take on the water metaphor…….the flow…….the choice not to control but to allow……..accepting……..the place of peace……as we work to make changes from a vibration of higher consciousness.  We can notice those times when our bodies contract, our stomach clenches and our breathing becomes shallow.  Then we can choose to be fluid.  How are you choosing to flow like water today?   Andrea

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want………”

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want……..

But if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need.”  The Rolling Stones had it right all these many years ago.  With all the chatter about The Law of Attraction………some  people are feeling frustrated…..especially in this economy.  They are setting intentions for what they want and are expecting to see the results of manifestation.  Some people feel impatient, some feel like they didn’t do it right.  Some people are just plain confused about the process and others tend to give up.

‘The Secret’ encourages us to put up pictures of the car or house that we want.  We keep looking at the pictures envisioning ourselves driving that beautiful car or in the counting house counting all our money.  But like attracts like.  If our belief systems support old ideas that we really can’t do it or we really aren’t good enough to receive it then we have a problem.  Our conflicted energy in the present moment will not support the dynamic of manifestation.

Or just, maybe, our soul energy capacity of self-awareness is not interested in the experience of having a new car right now.  We decide that we want what we want and it doesn’t appear.  What is up with that?  When we trust in our Inner Essence or our Higher Consciousness or whatever we call it………..we trust that what we need in order to grow is what we get.

Have you ever thought that you really really wanted a certain job?  You thought it was perfect for you and you dreamed about it and knew you would be happy there.  You rocked the interview and just waited for your phone to ring with the good news.  But your phone didn’t ring….. someone else got the call.  It wasn’t you.  And you grieved and maybe whined just a little bit to your friends.  Or maybe it was a relationship that didn’t manifest, or a move that didn’t work out, or a house deal that fell through. More

ty comes from trust.

Trust your instincts.

And never hope more than you work.”

Rita Mae Brown

I needed to work with this quote.  I have been stuck…like big stuck….writing my next book on soul relationships…….have a multitude of approaches that are all good but I just keep messing around with maybes…….instead of committing and getting a move on…..instead of moving forward with one and learning from that, I seem to be waiting for the ‘aha’ moment…….definitely hoping more than I am working!!  There are no mistakes or wasted time, I know that intellectually…….now I have to take action and write everyday no matter what. I have to get quiet and listen to my inner process and let the creativity flow.   Of what is there to be afraid?  Nothing.  My procrastination just encourages me to feel worse as time goes by.

What do you wish you were moving forward with in your life?  What is stopping you?  What is the fear?  Is it true and worth it?  How would it feel to just commit yourself and take that first step forward?  Who would you be without that fear?  How would you feel?  (yes, me, too!)  Let’s go…Andrea

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