Sharing the Truth of Who You Are

There is a saying that says, “the greatest gift you have to share is the truth of who you are.”  If we just breathe deeply for a moment and savor the meaning of these words, there is a resonance in our body.  We want to be who we are.  We want the freedom to be who we are.  We want our hearts to be luminous and light; we want to soar and ride the thermals of our lives.

So what keeps us from being that gift to ourselves and to others?  Well, if we face ourselves honestly, it is probably fear.  Fear of someone not approving of us, fear of being left behind, fear of being thought of as different or strange.   Conformity energy contracts the lower chakras.

Fear of breaking the tribal customs of the first root chakra keeps us marching to the drum beat that the majority energy in our lives requires, muffling our own.   The second chakra wants to flow creative energy as we express who we are.  A contracted second or sacral chakra means that much of our energy is bound up taking care of other people, sacrificing our own growth.  The solar or third chakra is our power center, our place of confidence in ourselves.  When this chakra is blocked we minimize ourselves, giving our power away to those willing to take it or not.

We fear being who we truly are.  It just might scare us and/or scare someone else if our inherent balanced power were fully displayed.  Perhaps in our childhood we were uncomfortable showing our light in our family.  If we drew attention to ourselves, we might have drawn the anger or judgment of others and as a child we had no defenses to assist us other than to silence ourselves.

Now it is time to shine our lights as unique beings.  As adults, we realize we no longer need to give our power away to another’s drum beat in order to not upset them.  We are free now to listen deeply to our own heart-beating drum within and to flow with it as we choose.

By embracing the small child within us that felt powerless years ago, we can comfort that energetic piece of us that is stuck in past memories and hold that child in a loving embrace of total acceptance.  By doing so we heal a part of ourselves that is stuck in a vibration of fear.  By lifting the vibration of stuck energy,  our chakras balance and we intuitively feel our confidence growing.

We know that there are no mistakes to be made.  Everything and everyone that appears in our lives is perfect for our higher growth.   We give ourselves permission now to be who we are because we know that who we really are is the essence of goodness.

It is with a more comfortable ease that we release the ties that have bound us to what other people think we should be.  We cut the energetic cords with people who want us to take care of them rather than to be responsible for ourselves.  We radiate our power all around us because that power is the power of our goodness.  If people feel uncomfortable with our power, we send them light as they move away, knowing that our light attracts similar vibratory light to us now.

By awakening to the light of our true Being, we stretch our contracted selves out into the luminance of our energy.  We see the events and things that populate our lives with a higher clarity and vision.  We are learning to be more present in our moment by moment experience because we are realizing who is looking out our eyes with no need for interpretation and judgment of what we are seeing.  We are becoming transparent and free in every tick of the present clock.  We are free to be the love that we are.

Sharing the greatest gift of the truth of who we are is what we are here to do.  By doing so, we do not invest in another’s reaction to us.  That is their business.  Ours is to flower and shine as our true authentic selves.

©Andrea Avari Stevens, Ph.D.   Andrea is the author of “A Hit of Heaven: a soul’s journey through illusion.

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