The World is Our Reflection

av-_62“First, realize that your world is only a reflection of yourself


then, stop finding fault with the reflection.”


What a great concept!!  The world I experience is just a reflection of what I believe about myself. Are you experiencing any judgment of yourself today?  If not, give yourself a high five!  If you are in any degree, then join the rest of us. And because we are human there is a tendency to judge and to punish ourselves for the slightest infraction. And no one can do it better than we can. So, let’s do what Nisargadatta says……..STOP.

Sometimes we think if we don’t find fault with ourselves, then we will never change….we will just do the same old things again and again. Do we really want to keep finding fault with ourselves in order to change? That is painful and doesn’t make sense. If we stop faulting ourselves and begin to accept those parts of ourselves we judge and to forgive ourselves completely, then we will create beautiful transformations of ourselves based in love. And then we stop judging others as well and love everything as it is……while working to make changes from an open heart. If we want our world to shine more brightly in love, it starts with ourselves.  Let’s begin in this present moment!  Andrea

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The Law of Attraction

Even in these times of uncertainty and financial insecurity…….we can remember that holding money in fear paralyzes the flow of energy.  If we freely give what we can whether it be money or time or service in some way to another, we receive the gift of giving.  And the flow begins to move.  Money comes in and money goes out.

It is the same with focusing on gratitude and appreciation.  When our thoughts and actions are living in the higher vibrations of joy, then we give out joy to ourselves and others and just when we aren’t looking… comes a bit more joy into our own lives.  Like does attract like.

If you are struggling right now with finding joy in life as it exists, take a walk and just be present with your feet meeting the ground in each step.  Start looking around as you breathe and smile at the busy bees loading up on nectar for the winter, a flower blooming or spreading its seeds for the next year in absolute trust of its natural process.

To get your flow going with more giving energy ( no matter a dollar or ten or just your time in spreading the message) consider these three ideas:  We did and you can, too……it’s so simple and generates joy in our hearts as we add light into the world…….. “3 Things You Can Do to Empower Women,” O Magazine

Sometimes we just need to remember how fear can sneak up on us and repress our breathing and our natural flow of energy.  The only thing that is real is love.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: When the Soul is in the Driver’s Seat

In these days of uncertainty and rapid change, it can feel like we are on a wild ride.  If you remember the Disneyland ride of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride from your childhood, it brings a smile as you warmly reflect on all the high-pitched screams in the darkness as the 1990s motorcar crashed through a wall into the library where MacBadger  is on a ladder with books teetering over your head while you crashed through the fireplace with ashes and sparks of fire flying all around.  (For those who want to remember the good old times, the rest of the ride is described in Wikipedia.)

As a child, I loved this ride.  As soon as I got off the motorcar, I ran to the back of the waiting line.  The ride scared me and I loved it.  It was a way for all of us to test how we could integrate into our developing minds scary events that we knew existed in our world.   Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride was a safe way to learn about handling fear as a child.

Riding in Mr. Toad’s car was beneficial because we  slowly learned that none of it could hurt us.  Somehow the books never hit us, the fire was harmless, the train with its bright light zeroing in on us never hit us. Then we could just scream for the pure pleasure of screaming.  We knew we were safe.

The ride also has teachings for us as an adult moving through this world as it is now.  If our ego….that energetic place of resistance within us to the realization of who we truly are………is driving our car then we are going to fuse with the emotions of anger, fear, and a need to control the external world and the our inner world.  That is all the ego knows.  It’s job is to protect us and it is endlessly trying to accomplish that feat.  To do so, we tend to fall into our stories and languish there. More

Sharing the Truth of Who You Are

There is a saying that says, “the greatest gift you have to share is the truth of who you are.”  If we just breathe deeply for a moment and savor the meaning of these words, there is a resonance in our body.  We want to be who we are.  We want the freedom to be who we are.  We want our hearts to be luminous and light; we want to soar and ride the thermals of our lives.

So what keeps us from being that gift to ourselves and to others?  Well, if we face ourselves honestly, it is probably fear.  Fear of someone not approving of us, fear of being left behind, fear of being thought of as different or strange.   Conformity energy contracts the lower chakras. More

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