Give Yourself a Loving Gift

When was the last time you gave yourself something special……not a material something but a heart thing.  Most of our days are spent running from one happening to another.  Our challenge is to slow down and to become mindful……bringing our full awareness to the task at hand.  We allow our breathing to slow down as thoughts move past our mind creating a space of just ‘Being’ with whatever is in front of us.

Sometimes, however, it is a challenge to get into that ‘Being’ space.  When we are feeling disconnected, separated, and generally not at peace, it is challenging to hear the knowing of our intuition as our guide.  We can become anxious and frustrated and create confusion in our lives.  It is at those times that we need to hear from a special friend who really loves us.  One who really understands who we are; one who is able to embrace us fully with compassion.

Fortunately, we know that person well.  We don’t have to look very far.  We are that person.  We are that person when we remember who we are, our inner essence, when we are in the zone, when we are allowing life to flow through us.  When we are feeling full of love, we can embrace the powerful energy of the moment to sit down and write ourselves a love letter.

This love letter naturally flows from us in our higher state of consciousness to the frustrated and anxious part of us that is struggling in the lower vibrations.  This letter, written from the place within us of stillness and peace, will resonate with loving energy.  Whatever needs to be heard by the fearful part of us….understanding, strength, forgiveness, humor…will come forth.  We trust our hearts in its healing knowing of what is needed to remind us of who we really are.

We put this letter away somewhere safe for that rainy day in our lives.  When anxiety and confusion are in our space, we take a moment and sit quietly with deep energy breathing as we read our letter slowly.  We allow our contracted hearts to feel the deep love and compassion from a part of ourselves that freely loves us no matter what.  We allow ourselves to receive.  We remember ourselves as Sparks of the Divine.

Send yourself heart letters often.  There is no greater gift than loving yourself.

Copyright 2009.  Andrea is the author of “A Hit of Heaven: a soul’s journey through illusion.”  She and her husband are currently writing a book on soulful relationships.


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