No Room for Fear

There is no room for fear to breathe in the energy of love.  But until we realize this stage, each breath of fear we experience can be embraced with love, nurtured into love by love.  Know that every experience is designed by its own vibration to raise ours.  There are no mistakes in energy attraction, all serves a purpose.

Take, for example, a fear of being loveable.  We will draw to us every circumstance that we uniquely would need to transform that fear into love.  People and events come into our lives to reflect that belief of being unloveable.  We can choose to accept the reinforcement of that belief or we can see past the surface events and realize that we are being called to love ourselves more deeply.  When we have learned the lesson, people who are unable to love us will pass us by with no internal emotional charge.  We will observe the process and move on our way.

To trust that process of experiencing is to love the Self, the core essence within us that vibrates through all things.  Know that all that is outside of Self is our personal teacher in refining our Love.  Be not afraid of any event; choose to meet it neutrally, as an open vessel to be brought more deeply into higher consciousness.

We waste time by trying to interpret events by our emotions.  Be in the pure experiencing of it, not falling into it.  Be in relationship to your emotion and do not separate from it by analyzing it.  Be with it, integrate it by loving it.  The fear will dissolve into our love.  The teaching comes to us in every moment as a gift whether perceived as peaceful or not.  Meet them both equally.  It is a reflection of our need to grow.  Love them all.  We may think one is more difficult to love than the other but that is only our perception.  They are the same.  It is our judgment that makes them seem different.  Love it all and the opposites fade into one.

copyright 2009.

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